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Holden cars are the pride of Australia. We here at Used Car Guys are passionate about buying second hand cars, especially Holden’s. Whether the Holden in question is so aged that it needs constant and costly repairs in order to run properly. Or whether it still has the new car smell, we have no qualms in paying top cash for a Holden vehicle.

Selling your Holden through the normal avenues takes a lot of time and effort. And while there is nothing wrong with that, when one is confronted with a way to do things that effectively results in the same outcome i.e. top cash, but is quicker and more convenient, it is the wise decision to choose that option and get the safe approach to cash for cars online. It is with great pride that we present ourselves as that option. If you need to sell your Holden fast and you live in Brisbane, choose Used Car Guys.


Free Removal of Holden’s Anywhere in Brisbane

If you are living in Brisbane and you are sick of seeing the old broken down Holden occupies valuable lawn space on your property, you need to sell it to us because we will come to your place and pay you top dollar. But not only that, we will remove it for free. Call 1800 887 779 and we will be happy to take the responsibility of removing the vehicle from your property, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Truly the most convenient way to sell your unwanted vehicle.

Maximum cash for your Holden

It takes great skill to assess a vehicle’s value to such accuracy while still pricing it at a level that leaves every customer extremely happy. We have left a trail of full wallets all over Brisbane, and it’s all thanks to our skill and expertise. If you want to get the big bucks for your unwanted Holden and you’ve been searching high and low for someone to sell it to, your search can now safely be declared over. Congratulations. Get the free car valuation online now.

We Have Brisbane’s Best Used Holden Parts Inventory

Used Car Guys buy all kinds of cars including Holden’s, and because we bring so many in the happy result is a giant range of affordable second hand vehicle components that you can use to make repairs on your Holden. You will have no trouble finding the part because our friendly and helpful team will help you, making the whole process the very definition of quick and easy, not to mention easy on the bank account.

We Buy All Holden Models Regardless of Condition

Are you currently excited that you have finally found someone to buy your old Holden vehicle (us), but simultaneously worried that we don’t buy particular models? Don’t worry. We buy all Holden models. Whether it’s a truck, Ute, van or SUV we will buy it. Whether it’s a Berlina, Viva, Suburban, Epica, Premier, Captiva or Colorado, we will buy it.


Call Us and Sell Your Holden

All it takes is a phone call or a visit to our website to fill out a form. The next thing you know your Holden will be replaced with a wallet stuffing cash. You won’t have to exert any effort or lift any fingers. Dial 1800 887 779 and discover the wonderful world of Used Car Buyers and easy cash today!

For all the junk or scrap Holden automobiles, find your local Holden Wreckers in Brisbane and sort out all of your junk vehicle needs.

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