How to Sell a Vehicle you Still Owe Money on

By: Used Car Guys, On: February 27, 2018, Categories: Daily Blogs, Comments: no responses

It is already a hard task to sell a vehicle. But to sell one that you still owe money on is even more daunting. Fortunately, this is not an uncommon thing to do. Sure, it is easier to sell a car that you have the full ownership of. However, selling a car with money still


Why choose Usedcarguys to sell my car for cash?

By: Used Car Guys, On: February 11, 2018, Categories: general, Comments: no responses


If your beloved old vehicle has been recently damaged in an accident, it may not be rewarding to repair it. So, what would be the best alternative? The answer is quite simple. You can offer your busted vehicle to a junk car removal or scrap auto wrecking company. You may however find yourself surrounded with


How can scrap car removal save the environment?

By: Used Car Guys, On: January 3, 2018, Categories: car removal, Comments: no responses


When you have a car that has been lying unused and rusted on your property for many years. It’s time to scrap it with professional car removal providers. Vehicles are probably one of the most common things that are being recycled on a regular basis. Generally, around 1 million old and undesirable vehicles are being


5 signs it’s time to buy a new car

By: Used Car Guys, On: November 15, 2017, Categories: buy a car, Comments: no responses

It isn’t unusual for a person with an old car to continue driving it for many years. Folk who have vehicles with well over 450,000 km on the odometer are very common. Some say that they may be onto something, as it has been suggested that it is a sign of a robust financial situation.


4 things you’ve never heard about scrap cash for car services

By: Used Car Guys, On: November 14, 2017, Categories: cash for cars, Comments: no responses

Do you have a vehicle lounging about on your lawn, or in your garage, that you are at a loss as to what to do with? The fact of the matter is that anyone out looking for a car to buy is not going to purchase a junk vehicle. So how else are you going


The myth of selling your car for parts

By: Used Car Guys, On: September 5, 2017, Categories: sell a car, Comments: no responses

When a vehicle gets damaged, wrecked or broken, many owners wonder if they can sell it for parts and earn good profit. Of course, it is possible to make good money by selling your vehicle for parts. However, it is not a good choice to break an automobile for parts in the garage yourself. In


How to avoid purchasing a bad car

By: Used Car Guys, On: August 28, 2017, Categories: buy a car, Comments: no responses

No-one wants to put all their efforts into purchasing a vehicle only to find out that it is a complete and utter lemon. But sadly it happens all the time. In the amount of time it took for you to read this sentence, ten people bought bad cars. Cars that would ultimately drain their bank


How to check over a used car before buying

By: Used Car Guys, On: August 7, 2017, Categories: buy a car, Comments: no responses

It can be very challenging to buy a used car because there a number of invisible issues with it. But if you have the capability of doing a diligent inspection, it will decrease your chances of having a buyer’s remorse in the end. Before you decide to buy a used vehicle, you should first thoroughly


Grab the best offer for your scrap car in Brisbane

By: Used Car Guys, On: July 12, 2017, Categories: scrap cars, Comments: no responses

Selling cars isn’t for everyone. Some folds definitely enjoy it, but a lot simply finds it to be a difficult and bothersome hassle. For those that would rather be doing something else with their time other than jumping through all those hoops, there is now an incredibly easy method for selling vehicles. It goes by


Brand new rules of car buying in Brisbane

By: Used Car Guys, On: June 12, 2017, Categories: Automotive Tips, Comments: no responses

These days there are a lot of models that are more advanced and reliable than ever before. And, this truly makes car buying a difficult process. Even if you are a savvy car buyer, you can still end up getting a bad deal or make an uninformed decision. And a lot of choices available in


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