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Best pick-up trucks for the year 2019

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: February 20, 2019, Categories: general, Comments: no responses

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Pickup trucks are highly versatile vehicles that continue to gain people’s appreciation. Whether you need a full-sized or compact truck, you will get a high quality performance. They are trusted for their highly efficient, durable and tough performance. In fact, there is a lot more when it comes to admiring pickup vehicles.

Today pickup trucks are no longer restricted to being used at construction places. They can be upgraded and personalized to be used as luxury automobiles. Whether you need to drive it through muddy areas, up hills or across fields. You can expect a fairly convenient ride when driving a pick-up truck in any terrain. They make perfect outdoor vehicles for any kind of business.

Buyers can even customize pick-up trucks with patterned floor carpets, leather seat covers and saddle stitched upholstery. By adding these elegant amenities you can improve the overall value of the automobile. Even if you choose a reasonably priced truck you can expect to get an interior with high end features. However, we can see a lot more advancement in the interior of heavy commercial vehicles, in recent years.

Now the manufacturers are putting more emphasis on creating highly comfortable models. Beside this they focus to build heavy vehicles with smart interiors while still being robust in performance. Most of these automobiles are also available with reasonable price tags.

With such a beautiful selection of models available in the market it becomes really difficult to select the best one. So, here, check our list of pickup trucks that qualify as the best for 2019.

VW Amarok

This is certainly one of the most premium and sumptuous pick-up truck available today. It has the best high quality interior that meets customer requirements. With its immaculate and compact look it doesn’t appear as a tough automobile. But once you give it a ride, it will continue to offer a powerful performance.

Also, you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy its high-spec versions. In contrast to its competitors like Mercedes X Class, you can get best versions of Amarok at reasonable prices. Generally, its price range falls between $29,999 and $41,999.

It has the courtesy of a wide variety of engine like V6 TDI engines of 3 litre. Hence, it never goes out of style when it comes to delivering robust performance on different terrains. And, if you are looking for some additional exclusive features, then you must check out Amarok Aventura. With beautiful chrome plated side bars, elegant alloy wheels of 20-inch and quality sports bar. It is a common choice for most people. If you are looking to buy one, it will cost you around $47,999.

Nissan Navara

Nissan automakers have been designing efficient and robust vehicles for many years. And, one of their exceptional creations is Nissan Navara. It has earned outstanding appreciation from customers. In fact, it is one of the most popular choices of people when it comes to commercial trucks.

If you need a pickup vehicle that is highly comfortable and road-biased, then Navara makes a perfect choice for you. It really provides a high degree convenience whether you drive it on any terrain. With this trend continuing even today, you can find a large variety of Navara models. The best part is that all the models come within reasonable price range of $19,999 and $29,999.

Nissan manufacturers add sophisticated suspension in its versions to give a really smooth driving experience. Honest Josh pressed, this auto as the leading pickup with the best towing ability. He also recognized it as the pick-up of the year. This truck is also available with outstanding configurations, including Double Cab and King Cab. Another bonus of purchasing Navara is it’s excellent fuel efficiency and reasonable running costs.

Mitsubishi L200

It has been the top pick in Australia when we look at the best pick-up trucks of 2019. In last few years, the L200 manufacturers have modified it’s current shape for the best. As a result, it offers much more than rough and ready capabilities. It is easily affordable which makes it established a greater presence in the auto market. You can buy it with reasonable price tags starting from $19,999. The current version of L200 is available. Its robust power outputs and strong chassis also make it a durable vehicle.  

Also, it has a highly strong 2.4 litre 4-cylinder diesel engine fitted, which offer impressive performance. With this bonus you can carry more than 3 tonnes of loads in a Mitsubishi L200.

Fiat Fullback Cross

This pickup surprisingly has a lot in common with Mitsubishi L200. If you are panning of buying it, you will enjoy a great reliability. It offers a trouble-less ownership with excellent mechanical attributes similar to L200.

This stylish commercial vehicle with a 7-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth, cruise control, DAB Radio & Sat Nav. You will have to spend around $29,999 to enjoy its ownership.

The Fullback aims at families comfort, so it is designed with a gear lever, leather covered steering wheel, & heated front seats. Its elegant look is completed with sport bar in black color and dark tinted windows at back.

Toyota Hilux

Being one of the best-selling pick-up trucks across the globe, Toyota Hilux continue to win many hearts. It has set an unbeatable reputation in terms of reliability, dependability and durability. No matter where you want to drive it, you can enjoy a fairly convenience and refined performance. It’s double-cab version work as a perfect option for people needing highly spacious vehicles.

It is powered by a robust diesel engine of 2.4-litre with a great torque of 400Nm. This is much more advanced to it’s old version. It’s latest version has gained immense popularity in the market. However, you will need to spend more than $19,999 to get one.

Isuzu D-Max

This model is the only popular version of Isuzu in Australia. It comes at the top in the list of highly utilitarian pick-ups. That said, this Japanese truck has earned great reputation in crowded auto market of Australia. If you look for its utility version. It can cost you between $15,999 to $21,000.

However, it is powered by only one type of engine 163bhp 1.9 litre diesel. It serves as an excellent pickup to tow up to $3,500 kg load. Some more varieties of Isuzu D-Max include Yukon, AT35, Eiger, Utah and Blade. If you want to buy it’s most high-end version you can expect to spend around $37,999. In its ownership you will enjoy standard equipment like ABS, DAB radio, electronic control, Bluetooth and roof bars.  

If you want a truck within a reasonable budget you can consider buying AT35 model. It will definitely meet your requirements and run actively on any terrain.

Ford Ranger

It is a new addition to the best pick-up trucks for Australians in 2019. So, if you are looking to buy a pretty rugged and strong pick-up, definitely consider Ford Ranger. Also, it is very well equipped with exclusive features. For instance, Wild Trak X has rear-view camera, alloy wheels of 18-inch, ambient lighting in it’s interior with dimming control. However, it is not as much sophisticated as some of it leading rivals. 

But if you need a dependable vehicle to go on family tips, it’s worth taking a look at. It is powered by two diesel engines, with 148bhp being less powerful and having a capacity of 2.2 litre. You also get to choose from it’s three different body styles like double-cab. You have the Limited, Black Edition, XL, Wildtrak X and XLT to select from. Out of this, the black edition is probably the most enticing with 17-inch alloy wheels and black bodywork.


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