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7 Signs it’s time to Say Good Bye to Your Car

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: April 16, 2019, Categories: Automotive Tips, Comments: no responses

Every person has an emotional attachment to their vehicle. It is perfectly understandable because our vehicles help us to move around and reach the destination conveniently. But when it starts losing value most of the car owners simply ignore the fact. They are so close to their cars that they treat it as their beloved family member. This is why they hesitate to give up its ownership.

However, the worst thing is that the vehicle keeps losing value each year as you drive it. With every turn in its odometer reading you get closer to paying costly bills for repair and maintenance. It significantly affects the market value of a car, making it difficult to sell it.

So, if your vehicle is getting old, it’s better to sell it before it becomes a huge problem. It is the best thing that you can do in order to gain most profit from your used vehicle. However, it is not always easy to figure out the right time to sell your vehicle.

Here take a look at some helpful signs to know whether or not it’s time to sell your car:

The check engine light continues to lit up all the time

Make sure to take notice of the vehicle’s check engine light. Sometimes it may stay on all the time even if you have taken your car for several maintenance and repairs. Often people assume a check engine light to broken or faulty, if it remains steady. However, there could be a major problem in some other part of the automobile. Therefore, it will be better to sell your car before it becomes unfixable. Even if your mechanic is able to identify the problem you must consider selling it.

Your car requires extremely expensive repairs

When your vehicle gets damaged, it will be extremely difficult to repair some of its’s components. It is because their cost of repairs are too high. Though it is fine to fix an automobile of unique or vintage model. On the other hand if your car is just too old it will need repairs of value exceeding the value of vehicle itself. As it might have gone through a lot of depreciation and constant wear and tear.

So, if your car needs any sort of expensive repair like fixing of a blown out head gasket. It will be better to sell it than spending huge dollars on its repairs.

Your family size has grown

As your family gets too big it change your lifestyle. As a consequence of this your requirements also change. For instance, you might have bought that old car in your college days. At that time you just need a convenient mode of transport to drive you and your friends from one point to another. But when you start doing job, get married and plan to have a family. It completely changes your lifestyle.

Accordingly your requirements for an automobile will also change eventually. You will need a large family vehicle such as an SUV that suits your requirements. For this you will need to arrange adequate funds and space on your property for the new vehicle. This is only possible when you decide to get rid of your older automobile for good cash. Contact us to get a good cash for cars in Brisbane.

You risk missing out on those benefits that comes with getting a brand new vehicle

Most often people feel reluctant to sell their older vehicles. It is commonly because of the huge expense associated with getting a car, whether new or second hand. Sure, it can lead to a variety of expenses. But it’s worth doing when you get a lot advantages with the ownership of a new automobile. Some dealerships may offer you free maintenance service for a limited period of time. This can save you some hard earned money in long run. This clearly encourages people to focus more on the psychological benefits when getting a new automobile.  

You have been spending a lot of money on its maintenance

At some point the monthly maintenance costs of your vehicle exceed its monthly payments. What are the options when car maintenance becomes unaffordable? Expensive maintenance is one of the most common indicator that you need to sell your used car. It commonly happens when you need to take your vehicle to an auto mechanic after every other week. It can be due to a faulty check engine light, damaged transmission, etc.

However, you will have to spend a lot of money to fix this level of damage. Sometimes the cost of damage can even go beyond the overall cost of upkeep. It’s the time when you should consider selling your old auto for a new one.

Your super-old vehicle is not fit for the modern vehicle safety standards

Sometime people take care of their super-old vehicles in a way that they don’t feel like selling it. But this may not be a suitable option for the modern auto safety standards. As your vehicle may lack some of the major technology. This is why it is really important comparing your options in terms of safety, contemporary designs, etc. Sometimes you may be doing a great favour to your family by spending on an automobile with great features.

You need to invest in a new car   

Sometimes people may love the ownership of their old cars due to emotional sentiments attached to it. But as the used car gets old, it becomes really important to find a better replacement for it. You must consider upgrading it with advance version. It involves investing in an automobile with reliable technology and latest features. 

Final Words

When it comes to deciding whether to sell a used car or keep it. The answers may vary from person to person. However, if you consider the above discussed tips you can find an effective solution. Make sure to always listen to your conscience. And, don’t forget to consider your budget. If you are having trouble in selling your old car, contact Used Car Guys. We can purchase your used car for top cash.

If you find your vehicle in an unwanted condition, then sell a car for parts or scrap it and get the true value of scrap vehicle.


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