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How to Know Whether a Scrap Car Buyer is Underpaying You for your Car?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: May 14, 2019, Categories: Automotive Tips, Comments: no responses

All vehicles reach a point in their lives where they are no longer driveable. This situation can come about via any number of avenues. Perhaps your car is well over twenty years old, and starting it in the morning seems to get more difficult with each passing day. Maybe your car has been the victim of a calamity, such as the head gasket blowing, resulting in a busted engine. In all cases, we want cash deal for scrap car.

There is only one option that makes any real sense when you are in this kind of a pickle. You need to get hold of your local scrap car removal service. They will come to your place and take that useless pile of junk that used to be a car. They will take it and destroy it at their car scrap yards. And they will pay you good cash for selling your broken car.

Getting the Best Cash Deal for your Scrap Car

An auto wrecking company should pay you good cash for your scrap vehicle. You will have an idea of how much your car is worth to them. By looking at what condition your vehicle is in. This is incredibly important, due to the fact that they will be salvaging parts. If your car’s transmission has failed. Or the tyres are bald. The amount that those parts would be valued at if they were in good condition would be deducted from the overall value of your car.

That isn’t the only consideration, of course. The vehicle’s make and model are also factored into the equation. Along with the year of manufacture and amount of Km’s travelled.

How Else Is the Value of a Scrap Vehicle Determined?

The amount of steel and other metals that are on a car is also used as a way to determine how much a vehicle is worth at many auto dismantling companies. Any part of the car that cannot be re-sold as a second hand component will be recycled as scrap metal. So this is part of the process.

Whether the metals are being recycled by being sold as second hand parts or scrap, this is great for the environment. It reduces the demand for virgin ores to be mined from the ground. Mining, as we all know, is a major pollutant and source of green-house gasses.

Prepare the Car First

You don’t have to do a whole lot of things in order to get your automobile prepared for the auto wreckers to come and buy it off you. You certainly don’t have to wash it. What you can do, however, is empty out the interior of any personal belongings and rubbish. It will save the wreckers some work. You also get the peace of mind that you haven’t left any personal belongings that are important to you in there.

It is also an idea to take out any petrol that is left in there for use in a future replacement car. And remove the expensive stereo system that you have.


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