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Used Car Guys – Frequently Asked Questions


I want to sell my car – how much cash for cars you can offer?

Depends on the make, model and the condition of the vehicle. However, we can pay up to $15000 cash for cars. We pay top cash for old, second hand, used and accidental cars. Just call at 1800 887 779 or 0413 645 043.

How long have you been in selling – buying a car?

More than 20 years. Basically, we are nationwide and selling/buying cars through Australia. Our combined expertise speaks itself.

Is there any hidden charges involved in the offer?

No hidden charges. We pay you what we agreed upon – no obligation charges involved in our quotation.

I live in Brisbane – shall I expect the same day removal from my location?

Most probably. However, we cannot promise you because sometimes it is really hard to meet all the inquiries on the same day. However, we do our best to fulfil all the vital requests.

Can you guys visit me – do the auto assessment and pick up the car for FREE?

Yes we can. We give 2 options – either you can visit us or we can come to you. We do the assessment of the vehicle for 20-25 minutes, pay the cash and remove the vehicle straight away.

Am I under obligation to accept your offer on the spot?

No. If you don’t like our offer – you can simply walk away or discuss the figures in your mind and Used Car Guys can talk about that and try our best to match those numbers for you.

Can I negotiate with the offered price or may I give you the price figures in my mind?

Yes, you can. We are absolutely happy to hear the figures from your mind and we try our best to match that up for you. However, make sure that price figures should be genuine.

Do I need to sort my vehicle’s paperwork myself?

No. We can sort this out for you as a part of the deal – no further charges would be involved.

How do I get paid? What if I want an alternate option to cash?

Generally, we pay the cash for cars – however, if you want us to do the alternate option, then please let us know and we can talk about that.

I am happy to accept your offer, what’s next?

Sounds good – give us a call at 1800 887 779 or 0413 645 043 and book a free car pickup with us. We should be able to give you the earliest appointment depends on the pre schedules. Please mention if you are visiting us or want us to come to you and sort out the deal. However, in any case, you will get paid on the spot. Contact Used Car Buyer in Brisbane now.



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