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Cash for Old Cars Brisbane

When vehicles become too old or scratched due to overuse or the ravages of time, they are usually termed as junk. In such situations, it is relatively cheaper to purchase a new vehicle and sell the old one. But getting rid of junk vehicles involves a level of difficulties, particularly if it is immobile or mechanical damage. Further, you will have to pay money in order to have your vehicle towed to the scrap yard or landfill. At least this is what junk auto owners had to do in the old days. But, not anymore.

Sell your car for cash in Brisbane now because now you have reliable and professional cash for old car companies like us here at Used Car Guys to help you out. We have made it very simple for people to get rid of unwanted vehicles by providing top-notch auto removal services. We will take off the old automobile from your property and transport it to our wrecking yard at absolutely no cost. In fact, we make sure to pay a set amount of cash in return, because we know every automobile is worth something, even if it is completely totalled.


We welcome vehicles of all conditions in our vehicle yards

Here for Used Car Guys Brisbane, we are in great habit of buying all types of unwanted vehicles, no matter in what state they are. Because there is no level of disrepair that can disqualify your vehicle for sale. Therefore, if you have an automobile that has been smashed in an accident or is no more functional. Then no need to worry as we will gladly buy it off you. Because the matter of fact is that every vehicle is valuable, even if it is half eaten by rust or mechanical faulty. Check out the best options for selling cars with mechanical issues.

We say yes to cars, Utes, vans, SUVs, trucks & 4WDs of all brands – No exception

Whether you have a Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, BMW, Audi, Ford, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki, Daewoo, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen or any other prominent brand. It doesn’t matter as to whether or not we will accept it. Because vehicles of all brands are a fair play for our dedicated crew.


Top Cash for Old Cars up to $9,999

Our experts always make sure that the clients get the most amount of money their automobile possibly deserve. This is why, they make sure to get all the essential information such as make, model or age of the vehicle in question. We assure to pay best possible and competitive cash rates, so that all our customers remain fully satisfied. This is the fastest way to sell your car in Brisbane.

Getting in touch with us won’t take longer than a few minutes. Just give us a call at – 1800 887 779 or complete the easy form given on the front page of our website. One of our representatives will provide you with an accurate cash assessment within 24 hours or so.

Brisbane wide quick car removal at no additional cost

Even if your vehicle is too scratched or broken down to be driven safely driven on the roads. Don’t worry about how you will tow it to our wrecking yard. Because we will not only transport it to our salvage yard. But will also not charge you a single penny for it. In fact, we will be glad to pay you a handsome remuneration for it on the spot. Usedcarguys car removal Brisbane service is fast, responsive and absolutely professional to use for.

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