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Cash for Japanese Cars in Brisbane

The Japanese automotive industry has unleashed some of the most enduring brands of car the world has ever seen. The best of them have always been both affordable and reliable. They are certainly some of the most popular vehicles on our roads.

If you have a vehicle that has been made by one of these manufacturers in Japan, the above facts won’t matter if you are determined to sell it. What matters is selling the vehicle quickly and easily without too much hassle, while making top dollar. That’s where Used Car Guys come in who pay highest cash for cars in Brisbane, Qld. We are Brisbane’s best when it comes to Cash for Car companies, so you should look no further than us in your search for a buyer for your automobile. We have a dedicated team of professionals that know automobiles inside out. They will determine the best value of the vehicle you are selling, and provide free quotes as well as free pickup and removal.


Get the Car Valuation in Brisbane – No Obligation

We Buy Mazda’s

Here at Used Car Buyers, we love all auto brands, and if Mazda was an exception to the rule it would make no sense. Have you got a Mazda that you don’t want, don’t be shy, give us a call and we will buy it off you.

 If it’s an MX-6 Coupe we will buy it. If it’s an RX-7 sports model, we will buy it. The point that is being made is it doesn’t matter what model it is, we will buy it. It’s the convenient and hassle free way to sell your Mazda.

Sell your Lexus to us

A fine brand of the Japanese market, the Lexus Company are a more up-market brand. But time has its toll on everything no matter how expensive or fancy it is, and Lexus vehicles get old just like other automobiles. If your Lexus is no longer welcome in your life for any reason at all, you know you can always sell it to us. We will buy it regardless of its condition or model. This includes the GS model, the RC model, the RX and the ES models. And we will pick it up free of charge.

We Want to Buy Your Suzuki

Our dedication to paying top dollar for any automobile of any condition extends to the Suzuki brand as well. Why wouldn’t it? Suzuki’s need love too. If you have stopped loving your Suzuki, you can pass that responsibility on to us. We will love that Suzuki literally to pieces. To sell as used car parts. Suzuki are famous for such models as: Grand Vitara, Wagon R, Alto, Suzuki Front, and Swift. Sell us your Suzuki and you will be sure to receive top cash for it, as that is our guarantee.

Sell Your Subaru in Brisbane

It is true that buying a Subaru and realising that you have made a mistake is a huge downer. Because then you have to sell the thing, which means placing ads and fielding prospective customers. But not anymore. You can get top cash for that Subaru in the space of one day simply by calling us. The same goes, if the Subaru is old or has been in a huge crash. It doesn’t matter what condition it is in, or whether it’s a Legacy, Outback, Imprezza or Forester.

The Best Toyota Buyers in Town

Is there an old broken down Toyota festering in your garage or front lawn? Maybe it’s so old that rust has rendered the entire thing a complete write off or it has accumulated so much damage that it costs too much to fix and you need to get rid of it. Maybe it’s brand new and you just realised you hate Toyotas.

We will buy it off you with no fuss or hassle, just top dollar. If it’s a Toyota Innova or a Condor, we don’t mind. Is it a Corolla? Is it a Sienna? We want to buy it. Toyota Comfort? Hilux? We want any model Toyota.

We operate through Rocklea, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast as well.


Brisbane’s Leading Isuzu Buyers

Here at second hand car buyers, we have a team whose experience and expertise have combined with years of experience at valuating automobiles, and created the most winning formula for ensuring that all vehicles bought by us receive the highest cash payment.

Our aim is to make every person selling to us as happy as possible, and that goes for owners of Isuzu vehicles of all models. This goes for the Isuzu Journey, The H Series, The Trooper and The Rodeo.

Honda’s Get Top Cash

Does your garage currently have an unwelcome guest going by the name of Honda? Maybe it’s been completely totalled in a crash. Maybe it’s just old. It doesn’t matter why you want to sell it, you just do. We are passionate about solving this problem for everyone who has it.

If your Honda is a Jazz model, or an Odyssey, you will have no trouble selling it to us. In fact, if it’s a Brio, Elysion or Honda Fit we will make sure to pay top cash for it. This goes for all Hondas. Every single one of them.

We also buy Nissans

Do you have an old or new Nissan that needs selling as soon as possible? We offer the easiest and convenient way to sell your vehicle with no fuss or stress, while still getting the best deal.

It doesn’t matter what model it is or what condition it is in. If it’s a Maxima or Patrol, it makes no difference to whether we will purchase it off you. The same goes for Skylines, Altima’s, Leaf’s, and so on.


Best Second Hand Parts in Brisbane

Because we buy all vehicles of all types we get a lot of them in. This has resulted in a veritable buffet of all the auto parts you could possibly imagine. If you are looking for a part look no further than us. We will have what you want and our friendly team will help you find it easily. Book a hassle-free Japanese auto parts in Brisbane today.

Used Car Guys in Brisbane, Queensland are just a call away, so dial 1800 887 779 and take advantage of our expertise.

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