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Sell Your Nissan in Brisbane, Qld

When the moment comes when you finally realise that your Nissan has reached the true junk status, it will dawn on you that your Nissan will never transport you to work ever again. Now, it is important to remember that this is no time for despair. Rather, it is a time to call us at Used Car Guys. We will pay you top cash for your junk Nissan, whether it is a car, truck, Ute, van, SUV or 4×4. If you are looking for the people that buy cars in Brisbane then we can be your top choice because we pay the highest.


Top Cash Paid for Nissan’s

We buy Japanese cars in Brisbane and will gladly shell out the most that your Nissan is worth, depending on its condition, age and model. The amount you can get will be in between $100 and $9999. We make sure that we pay a fair and accurate amount, and if you have a better offer from another company we will match it.

Any Condition Your Nissan is in

We will buy your Nissan regardless of what condition it is in. If its state of disrepair is because of an accident that has rendered it all crunched up we will buy it even then. This is because it doesn’t matter what state it is in, it will most likely have plenty of elements and components on it that can be salvaged, even if it is just the steel.

Free Removal Offered

We will come to your place of residence and take your Nissan off your hands for free. What’s more, there is no hidden cost. We won’t deduct money off the value of your Nissan. This is a service that you would be well advised to take advantage of it your Nissan isn’t a road worthy due to extensive levels of disrepair. Take the advantage of our free used car removal in Brisbane service now.


Free Cash Quote Service

We will be happy to provide you with a cash appraisal for your Nissan if you would just call us at our phone number which is 1800 887 779 or 0413 645 043. If using phones aren’t your bag, you can still get in touch with us because of our website, we have a form that you can fill in if you so please. There is some info that we need in order to provide this service to you, so when you contact us, make sure you give us the model of Nissan you have, its age and the condition it is in. Just make sure that condition of the vehicle should be tidy and up to date, check out how to keep your used car in excellent condition.

We Buy All Models of Nissan

There happens to be no black list of Nissan models that we never buy. This is good news for all owners of unwanted Nissans in Brisbane. It means that regardless of whether your Nissan is a Serena, Tiida, Silvia, Sentra, Maxima, Navara, Pulsar, Frontier, Safari, Patrol, Fuga, Primera, Terrano, Patrol, Skyline, Sunny, Elgrand, Homy, Bluebird, Cefiro, Almera or Avenir you can expect to be able to sell to us easy as pie.

Contact Brisbane Used Car Buyers Today

We have a special form on our website that you can fill out, and we have a phone number that you can call. All you need is a car to sell to us, of any Nissan model or condition. Call 1800 887 779 or 0413 645 043.

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