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Sell Your Cars in Brisbane – Cash for Korean Cars

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to sell their Korean vehicle. Perhaps it has gotten so old that the regular maintenance required to keep it running has become so expensive that it would be more financially pragmatic to simply sell it and buy a new one. As at Brisbane’s leading used car buyers, we aren’t worried about what your motivations are. We just love buying automobiles, and we don’t care what condition they are in. Brand new or falling apart at the seams. Either way we utilise our experience and expertise to make sure the customer gets the best deal.


We Buy All SsangYong’s

It is true that having a broken down vehicle can lead to the owner having a broken spirit, and although SsangYong is a respectable brand it doesn’t make it any easier to have an old unwanted SsangYong manufactured automobile wasting away in the garage. Sell it to us! We will take it off your hands quick-smart. It makes no difference what model it is. Actyon Hatchback, Chairman Sedan, or even Rexton SUV.

Brisbane’s Leading Kia Buyers

Garage space is valuable. It needs to be reserved specifically for useful things. Sometimes, though, it ends up getting used to store junk. Like old broken down vehicles. If you have an unwanted Kia you can sell it in the space of 24 hours with ease and still get the most money for it. We are the Used Car Guys, you are looking for. The crew will not turn our nose up at any particular Kia model, either. We buy Candenza’s, Rondo’s, Borrego’s and Picanto’s. We buy all Kia’s, so call us and make top cash.

Sell Your Hyundai in Brisbane

All Hyundai’s eventually get old. No matter how much you care for them and keep them maintained, one day the vehicle in question will be too old to run and you will need to sell it. Maybe you will sell it well before this happens so that its advancing age and increasing costs can be someone else’s problem. Whatever the scenario, we will happily pay top cash for that Hyundai. Whether it’s a Terracan, Galloper, or a Santa Fe. Maybe it’s an Elantra GT or a Tucson. We buy Sonata’s, Veloster’s, Genesis Coupe’s, Elantra’s and Accents.

We Buy Daewoo’s

Selling a Daewoo? If it’s old and in need of extensive repairs and you are just selling it to buy another vehicle that is slightly newer and therefore cheaper to maintain, you might be worried that it will be hard to sell. Not so! We will buy it off you, and we don’t care what condition it is in. The crew will buy it even if it has been completely totalled in a terrible accident. We buy Lano’s, Tico’s, Gentra’s and Legnanza’s. In fact we buy all Daewoo models. There are none that we will turn away.

Brisbane’s Premiere Second Hand Car Part Dealers

Our selection of used car parts is vast and varied, and there is little chance that you won’t find the part that you are specifically after. Especially with a team of dedicated people like ours, who will help you find the right part with no problems OR you can find your local Korean Wreckers in Brisbane and get the desired part straight away.

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