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Sell Your Subaru in Brisbane, Qld

Owning a Subaru that you don’t want for whatever reason is a problem that demands a quick and easy solution. So thank the Lord for Used Car Guys. We buy cars in Brisbane and always pay more.

Here at Used Car Guys, we pride ourselves on being the best cash for cars-company in all of Brisbane. If you need to sell your Subaru, you would be well advised to call us ASAP and before you know it your SUBARU will be gone, and in its place will be top cash.


We Pay Maximum Money for Subaru

We are highly skilled in the art of paying top cash for Subaru’s. If you would like to test that statement to make sure that it is true, all you need is an old, used or unwanted Subaru to sell. We will gladly prove to you that we tell the truth about our skills.

Free Cash Quotes

We pay decent cash for Japanese vehicles in Brisbane. The first part of the process that is involved in the selling of Subaru’s with us here at Used Car Guys is the initial contact. When you contact us, we start by giving you a quote of how much we estimate your Subaru is worth. If you like it we can go from there. You can do this either by calling us or by filling out the form on our website.

All Subaru Models are bought by us

Are you afraid that we won’t buy the specific model of Subaru that you own? Don’t be. Seriously. We will buy your Subaru no matter what model it is. Whether it is a Legacy, Justy, Vivio, Baha, Alcyone SVX, BRAT, Impreza, Outback or Forester will not influence whether or not we will shell out sweet cash for it.


Free Removal of Your Subaru is a Promise

A great car removal services in Brisbane that we provide that is of great use to people whose Subaru is no longer roadworthy is the free removal policy that we have. This allows us to take on the responsibility of removing your Subaru from your property after paying top cash for it. This is the very essence of convenience, and is one of the puzzle pieces that makes us the best Cash for Cars Company in all of Brisbane. You don’t lift a finger or pay a cent for this service.

We Buy Subaru’s in any Condition

Thus, we don’t turn people’s Subaru’s down for any reason, let alone the condition that it is in. Why is this? Because no matter what level of disrepair it has found itself in after years of service to you. It will have some components that can be salvaged. Even if all the parts are totalled it will be valuable as scrap steel.

Please Contact Us Today

If you have a Subaru that you want to sell, but you don’t contact us then you will be missing out on the most convenient, simple and stress free method for selling automobiles. And if it is a junk Subaru you need to contact us now as the longer that thing rusts away on your driveway or in your garage, the less it is worth due to deterioration. Call us at 1800 887 779 or 0413 645 043.

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