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Here at UsedCarGuys, our car body removal Brisbane crew offers free vehicle removal anywhere in Rocklea, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswitch, Warwick, Cooper Plains, Logan, Rockhampton 4700, Qld.

However, we won’t just remove your car free of charge. We will also pay you up to $13K! Whether it is a car you need to get rid of, or a Ute, truck, SUV, van or 4×4, get in touch with us and get top dollar for your vehicle.

Getting Ready to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Car

Are you planning to remove your old or unwanted vehicle in Queensland? You may find that advertising it, talking to multiple prospective buyers, and negotiating the price is too much of a hassle. Particularly if the vehicle in question is damaged or unregistered. Sell your old car in Brisbane without facing any stress. Let the crew at UsedCarGuys make it easier for you.

There is no need to endure any stress when disposing of a junk automobile. Our professional auto specialists always strive hard to make it easy for anyone to sell their wheels for good money. Aside from top cash offers, we also provide free removal services without charging any hidden costs.

Same Day Car Collection Brisbane – No hidden Costs

Our auto specialists work around the clock to offer top-notch removals to the residents of Brisbane, Northside, Rocklea, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. The best part is that we won’t charge you any additional costs for providing convenient towing services. This means that we will not deduct the towing expenses from the amount of cash you will be paid. Do you want to know how much your car is worth? Drop us a line and get a free cash quote!

When you sell your car to us, our skilled staff members will arrange all the essential paperwork like cancelling your vehicle registration and that is required in the sale process. Therefore, you can happily sell us your vehicle at a time and place convenient for you. And you can do it without the stress of towing it to us or arranging the paperwork. Arrange to get your car removed at a time and place convenient for you. 

Once you sign the paperwork we will haul away your old vehicle after paying good cash for it. Please get in touch with us today to book an instant and free vehicle removal appointment.

Used Car Guys will pay top Cash for Cars

Of course, there is no better way to sell a vehicle than getting good amount of cash in return. And that is exactly what you will get at UsedCarGuys in Brisbane, Queensland. Our expert technicians always pay top cash for cars, which is what every unwanted vehicle owner is looking for. Our fast cash for cars process will put up to $ 12,999 in your pocket, while collecting your vehicle for free.

Qld Wide Speedy, Fast and Convenient Pickup Service

UsedCarGuys Brisbane are fully registered and certified. We make sure that Brisbane’s beautiful environment does not get spoiled by broken or damaged automobiles. We have a strong commitment to providing superior services that are completely eco-friendly

In fact, we also make sure to remove Cars, vans, Utes, trucks, 4WDs and SUVs of all conditions with the help of our efficient resources. Also, there will be no haggling over cash rates. As our cash offers are always satisfactory and guaranteed.

All Car Brands – Dead or Alive

There are so many makes of automobile. If we were to limit ourselves to just one or two makes, we would be hardly getting any cars onto our salvage yard. The truth is that we want to get as many automobiles as we possibly can. And we want as many people have the option of selling their car to us as possible as well. This is why we don’t specialise when it comes to different makes and models. We buy them all.

So if you are selling a car, it doesn’t matter whether it is a Mazda, Audi, Hyundai, BMW, Honda, Chrysler, Holden, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Daewoo, Volkswagen, Daihatsu, Toyota, Ford, Subaru, Fiat, Renault, Suzuki, SsangYong, Nissan, Opal, Peugeot, Jeep, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, or any other make you can think of. The same goes for all the corresponding models.

Cars Wanted in Any Condition

The usual concern when selling a vehicle on the private market is what condition it is in. If a vehicle is in an extremely bad state, one usually has to bite the bullet and simply advertise it “as is.” If the automobile in question is permanently broken down, there will be an understandably large amount of time to wait before you get any interest. When a person wants to buy a car, they normally want to buy it without spending large amounts of money fixing it.

However, if you have decided to sell your vehicle to us here at UsedCarGuys, this rule does not apply at all. Your car could be completely unrecognisable as a vehicle due to a severe amount of damage or unregistered, mechanically faulty, totalled, not running, engine seized, blown head gasket, transmission failure and we will still buy it. This is because we are an auto wrecking company as well as a cash for cars-company. A vehicle may need to be in decent order for it to be driveable, but we don’t want to drive it. We want to take it apart and salvage its parts and materials.

Instant Cash Quotes Available on Request

Getting a price quote from us doesn’t require much effort on your part. All you need to do is get in touch with us. Fortunately, this is incredibly easy to do. Call us at 1800 887 779 or fill out the quote request form on our website. When you do this, it is important that you provide us with some information. This info will include the make, model, age and condition your vehicle is in. Once you tell us these things, we can then formulate an accurate and fair offer for your automobile.

You shouldn’t have to tolerate having an old junk automobile on your property. It is a messy looking item to have lying around on the lawn or driveway. And you don’t want to keep it in the garage, because that is a waste of space. So get in touch with us today and get that sweet cash!

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