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Hino truck buyers in Brisbane

It’s always a sad day when your beloved and trusted truck kicks the proverbial bucket. If your truck costs more to keep maintained on an annual basis than it would to buy a new one, then you know that it’s all over. But don’t despair. We here at Used Car Guys are here to help. Check out how to get the used truck valuation in Brisbane.


You see, it’s perfectly understandable that you might think that no-one would want to buy your truck off you if it has reached junk status. But the truth of the matter provides a much brighter outlook, and it’s this: Used Car Guys will buy your truck, and we will pay top cash as well. There are so many reliable and popular Hino Truck Wreckers throughout the Australia who can pay you similar money and professional services.

Cash for Old Hino Trucks

Just because your Hino truck no longer runs properly doesn’t mean it is impossible to sell. We are proof of that. We buy broken down trucks all the time, and we make sure that the amount is the most that the truck is possibly worth. How much we pay depends on the condition of the vehicle, but we can pay up to as much as $15,999 for your old and unwanted Hino Truck.

We buy all different kinds of truck, and that includes trucks, Lorries and light commercial vehicles.

All Models, Any Condition of Hino Truck Wanted to Buy

Whether your Hino truck is a TH-series truck, or a Ranger, Hino 700, 300, 155 Class 4, 358 Class 7, 238 Class 6,  it makes no difference as to whether we will buy it or not. This is because we buy all Hino models. Every single one, no exception.

If you are worried that your truck is in such awful condition that we won’t buy it off you, it is time to put those fears to rest. We buy trucks of all conditions.

Call Us for a Free Quote

If you would like a free no obligation cash quote, all you have to do is either call us at 1800 887 779, or fill out the form on the home page of our website. Make sure that you have the relevant info about the Hino, such as its model, age and odometer reading.

Free Removal of Your Hino Truck

We want to make the whole process of selling your commercial vehicle as simple, easy and convenient as possible. And with that in mind, we have the service of free removal at your fingertips. You don’t have to lift a finger or pay a cent to have your Hino truck removed from wherever it is currently lying around gathering rust.

We Offer this service all over Brisbane and its surrounding areas.

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