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Leading European Car Buyers Brisbane

It’s always a shame when a beautiful and elegant European car gets older and starts breaking down. But that heartbreak shouldn’t have to be compounded by difficulty in selling it so you can buy another younger car. The great news today is that if you live in Brisbane you won’t have any trouble selling your vehicle because we here at Used Car Guys who buy used or old cars for top cash, will get it regardless of its age or condition. But will we pay what it is worth, you may be asking? Be assured that we will use our experience in valuating cars to make sure that we pay you top cash.


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Brisbane’s Number One Buyer of Audi’s

Owning an Audi is always a pleasurable experience until it starts getting too expensive to maintain. That’s when you know that it requires a good old selling. But who wants to buy an Audi that needs constant repairs? We do! We buy Audi’s of any condition or model. If you own an S8, or an S3, or an RS model Audi we will gladly pay generous amounts of money for it. We will also come to your place and remove it for free if it isn’t running, or pick it up if it is.

We Buy Volkswagens in Brisbane

Just bought a Volkswagen and are experiencing terrible buyer’s remorse because it was so expensive that you can’t afford to feed your family for a month now? Sell the car straight away and get paid exactly what the vehicle is worth. Selling to Used Car Guys will guarantee that the process is stress free and quick. If your Volkswagen is a Beetle, Brasilia, Corrado, Caddy or Golf it doesn’t matter. Used Car Guys will be there for you.

Mercedes Buyers in Brisbane, Qld

The Mercedes brand of European vehicle has a reputation of opulence. It is an elegant car indeed, and we here at Used Car Guys always enjoy buying them. It makes no difference what condition the Mercedes is either. Obviously, if you want to sell a fresh off the lot Mercedes of us because you regret buying it, we will pay you handsomely for it. But if you have a Mercedes that no-one else will buy because of the state it is in we will still buy it. Any model Mercedes too, including Mercedes Benz CLKK-Class, A-Class or 56OLEL.

Sell your BMW to us

There is no such thing as a BMW that we won’t buy. If you have an old an unwanted BMW doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of our expertise and experience in the cash for cars-industry to make the best cash for it. Whether it’s an E52 Z8 Roadster, or an E46 Compact Hatchback, or an E34 5 series large sedan, we will assess the vehicle for free and pay you generous amounts for it. We will pick it up from your place or have it removed for free.


Brisbane’s Best Second Hand European Parts Dealers

We have the biggest range of European second hand parts on sale. If you are looking for second hand parts for your European cars you will find the cheapest prices and best quality parts in our inventory, so call 1800 887 779 and take advantage of our expertise.

For all the scrap or junk European vehicle inquiries, find out your local European Wrecker in Brisbane and sort out your junkies for the decent money.

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