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Why should you buy a used car compared to brand new?

By: UsedCarGuys, On: February 3, 2017, Categories: buy a car, Comments: no responses

Should you buy a new car or keep my old one? Very commonly & frequently asked question. When shopping for a car, everyone look for one that is brand-new. As they consider second hand vehicles as crappy clunkers that are parked in one corner of auto dealerships with chipped paint, rusted rims and higher price


How to Sell Your Car for the Top Dollars in Brisbane?

By: UsedCarGuys, On: January 26, 2017, Categories: sell a car, Comments: no responses

It doesn’t matter how much you have paid for your vehicle or how much you have invested in its maintenance. When it comes to selling it, the resale value is something that you will always need to consider. However, if your vehicle is having the mechanical issues, then it’s always good to follow the certain


Get Your Car Ready For This Summer

By: UsedCarGuys, On: December 12, 2016, Categories: sell a car, Comments: no responses

Summer brings many things with it. The most obvious being the warm weather. But it also brings the holidays, and what is one of the best things to do when all of a sudden you don’t have to go to work every day? The road trip! If you have this holiday tradition on your list


Are you scrapping your car in Brisbane?

By: UsedCarGuys, On: October 7, 2016, Categories: car removal, Comments: no responses

When it comes to getting rid of an old or junk car, then being a responsible person. One should choose to have it recycled instead of dumping it on a landfill site. So, if you own a salvaged car parked in your garage. Take an informed and sensible decision by scrapping it with a reputable


What is the best time to sell my car?

By: UsedCarGuys, On: September 16, 2016, Categories: cash for cars, Comments: no responses

Selling a car is a decision that almost everyone has to face at some point. Some folks like to hang on to their old wheels as long as they reach their end while others decide to sell it the moment its repair costs goes beyond its actual worth.  Other than this, there are still many


Exploit your chances to get the decent cash for junk cars

By: UsedCarGuys, On: September 5, 2016, Categories: cash for cars, Comments: no responses

Has the vehicle that has served as your trusty steed for so many years metamorphosed into a junk car, whose problems would cost more to fix than the thing is worth? If so, it is probably safe to assume that it is languishing in the garage, or yard, taking up valuable space. It would probably


How to prepare the car for sale?

By: UsedCarGuys, On: July 4, 2016, Categories: cash for cars, Comments: no responses

Put in the elbow grease and sweat to prepare your vehicle for sale and you will probably see much more in the way of monetary gain in your bank account from selling your old car. It really isn’t the hardest thing in the world to accomplish; in fact, it’s so easy, even a child could


Where to buy second hand cars in Brisbane?

By: UsedCarGuys, On: June 24, 2016, Categories: buy a car, Comments: no responses

If you are on the prowl for a good used car, and you are keen on getting a great one for a sweet bargain, you would do well to take the time to shop around at all the relevant places that will surely help you achieve the worthy goal of buying a used car in


Selling an abandoned car with no papers?

By: UsedCarGuys, On: June 9, 2016, Categories: cash for cars, Comments: no responses

If one has a scrap car, but doesn’t have the relevant documentation for it, like the title, the process of selling it to a cash for cars company requires that one communicate to the buyer why they don’t have these papers. Maybe the vehicle was left on their driveway by strangers, essentially abandoned. Maybe someone


Helpful tips for selling your used car

By: UsedCarGuys, On: April 5, 2016, Categories: sell a car, Comments: no responses

When it’s come time to sell your car, you want to not only make sure that the car is sold, but you make the most amount of money you possibly can from selling it. What follows are some helpful tips for doing just that. If you really worried about how to sell my car in


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