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Why should you buy a used car compared to brand new?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: February 3, 2017, Categories: buy a car, Comments: no responses

Should you buy a new car or keep my old one? Very commonly & frequently asked question.

When shopping for a car, everyone look for one that is brand-new. As they consider second hand vehicles as crappy clunkers that are parked in one corner of auto dealerships with chipped paint, rusted rims and higher price tags.

However, this is not always true. These days, there are various auto lots that have certified used cars for sale that offer the same standard of performance as new ones. In fact, if you opt out for second hand vehicles, you can actually reap several benefits as opposed to buying a new one.


Particularly if it’s your first vehicle purchase, then purchasing a used vehicle would be the wisest idea.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should purchase a second hand car as opposed to brand new. 

Used cars are available at cheap price rates

If you are in need of a new vehicle, but struggling financially, then a second hand vehicle will be a better option. As if you opt for a brand new one, you will be certainly hard-pressed to find one that is cheaper than second hand vehicle. Also, if you just have a look at automobiles that are just a few years older, you can observe a slight difference in their price rates. At the moment a new vehicle is purchased and driven out if the dealership, it starts depreciating. Consequently, it’s worth also starts declining. According to experts, every new vehicle can lose 40% of its value during first three years.

As a result, buying a used vehicle always makes a good choice as they are likely to be more affordable than the brand new ones. However, you will not get extra features in second hand automobile, but it should be able to give you safe and comfortable rides. There are certain best time to buy a car throughout the year, make sure that you consider them.

You can get variety in second hand

If you are not after a vehicle with advanced and innovative technologies like automatic doors, then you are more likely to enjoy a great variety when looking for second hand automobiles. And, you can easily choose one that will best suitable for your needs. For instance, you can choose one with manual or automatic transition, varied engine specifications and model shapes or other features like two or four-doors.

Furthermore, you can also find a brand new automobile that may be cheaper than an automatic machine. But it will certainly require good driving skills on your part, which can be a problem if you are purchasing an automobile for the first time.

There are various places to shop for second hand cars

If you are looking for a used car, there are various places where you can find plenty of them at cheaper rates. You can find them at auctions, cash for second hand car companies, online auto dealerships or even in your own neighborhood. You can easily find a tow or more vehicles with a “for sale” sign in your community. Find out where to buy second hand cars in Brisbane?


However, just make sure to always ask for the vehicle history report, to give a peace to your mind and so that you don’t end up purchasing a lemon.

Wanting to trade-in your unwanted vehicle with the used one with excellent quality? Used car guys can buy your car in Brisbane for the best price today.


Where to buy used cars?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: February 11, 2016, Categories: used cars, Comments: no responses

There are so many good places where you can buy the used car in good condition, however, there are certain pros and cons involved in each procedure. Now, this is your own choice, how would you like to pick the vehicle that you want to drive for.

There are plenty of cheap car dealers who could offer you the cheap old cars for the fair price and the vehicle with the licensed dealership which is quite usual. However, there are so many other vehicle search options are available like buy used cars online which make the whole buying process easier for you. On the other hand, you can sell your old car for free using different options, check out the best way to sell a used car.

Coming back to the topic and going to explain a few good places to buy the used cars-

Auto dealers

Auto dealers can show you a variety of ranges with the licensed motor guarantee. However, there price could be a bit higher than usual because they add the commission and other charges into the master price. For example – You are planning to buy Holden used cars then you can expect approximate 20% more than market price.



Private sales

Buying the vehicles privately could be the cheapest option to consider, however, once you decided to buy the vehicle and then you have to find the complete vehicle history because any unwanted dues can cost you more or even worse. However, there is no guarantee involved when buying privately and you would be liable of all the faults if found later on.


Online or offline auctions

Nothing wrong with the auctions as far as you keep the passion and wait for the right vehicle. You will be able to browse several make and model of vehicles with the title guarantee. You can also plan or schedule the specific day for the inspection day prior to the auction day. There are few cons involved with this method though – You cannot get a test drive – might not get any warranty – might pay the higher price than usual. These risk factors cannot affect the deal if you can avoid them.


Buy online

There are so many common online platforms like Carsguide where you can browse the used cars and can get the best deals around. However, you have to be very careful with the whole process. Never make the deposit or full payment in advanced or you can be part of scams as well.


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