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Selling Junk Cars Piece by Piece after Parting Them Out

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: December 18, 2018, Categories: Automotive Tips, Comments: no responses


Once a car reaches the point where it will never run again, it can be safely assumed that the owner will be itching to dispose of it somehow. And the best way to do this will involve making some money out of it. And why not? The car still has plenty of parts on it that can be reused, even if as a whole it is a scrap car.

You could, of course, sell it to someone whose job is to dismantle cars and sell the parts. They will pay you less than the amount of money they expect to get from the sale of said parts. This is because they will be wanting to make a profit out of the investment of buying the scrap car in the first place. However, what if you were to take the car to pieces yourself and sell the parts yourself as well? You will be getting every last dollar, and keeping all of it for yourself.

Should you do it All Yourself?

Fully dismantling a vehicle is not something that just anyone can do. There are a few things that one will need to have, or be able to procure. For starters, you will require a full set of tools. The engine itself requires a hoist, as it is very heavy.

How much space do you have on your property that is free to use for storage? Your garage alone will need to have some expanse. If you are currently using it to store miscellaneous personal effects and there is no room, forget about doing this. All of the tools need storing, however the car parts themselves will need to go somewhere. All the panels will take up a fair bit of space, as will the engine, muffler, transmission, and so forth.

And then there is the expertise that you will need in order to do this without making an absolute mess of it. Otherwise you can end up accidentally wrecking the parts, making them worthless. Expertise usually requires experience. But if you have a friend who has the skills, it may just be enough. As long as they owe you a favour or are otherwise happy to do this for you at the expense of their own time.

Online Selling of Second hand Parts

Once the parts are ready for sale, you will have to sell them or they will just be taking up even more space than the vehicle was. Don’t expect to sell all the parts at once to one super eager buyer. It will take a while of prospective buyers coming over after reading your online ad and contacting you. Some of them will just look at the part, try to negotiate a better price for themselves, and leave empty handed if they aren’t satisfied. This may take weeks or even months.

Selling to an Auto Wrecking Company Instead

This is usually the best bet for most people. You don’t need any of the above requirements. Just a phone to call the auto wreckers like Qld Wreckers [If you are scrapping a vehicle in Brisbane, Qld] up. They will come over, pay you best offer for your scrap car in question and take it back to their salvage yard in Rocklea free of towing charges.


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