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How to get the satisfactory deal on a Used Car at a Dealership?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: October 11, 2016, Categories: buy a car, Comments: no responses

Second to buying a house, buying a car is possibly the most expensive purchase that you will ever make. Unlike other purchases, you are not expected to bargain, no matter whether you are buying from used car dealers or new car dealers. But one may not be a fool to buy an expensive vehicle without saving some money. As it is normal for people to negotiate and buy at lower prices in order to save money.

However, it is not easy for everyone to negotiate vehicle prices. It requires the use of some good tricks and tactics to lower down the price of the vehicle while negotiating at a dealership.


Here, take a look at some easy tips to get a satisfactory deal:

  • Research on the vehicle

In the game of negotiation, knowledge is the real power. And as we know that at auto dealerships, the car salesperson already has more information about various makes and brands. So, once you have decided the vehicle you want to buy, the next step is to study up everything about it. Find out as much detail as you can before you finally walk into the used auto dealership.  Better look for well-known online car valuation website, to know the accurate and true market value of the vehicle you are interested in.

  • Say “NO” to the counteroffers

When going into the auto buying process, be confident and mentally prepared. Car sales person are professional people who know how to trick buyers and sell the vehicle at a price they want. If you get any counteroffers, politely say no without any worry. You can leave your contact details with the salesmen. If they find the price figures given by you reasonable, they will surely call you later.

  • Stick to the price you want to pay

Often salesperson at car dealerships will try to sell you the automobile at a price they want. They usually do this by manipulating the price figures by adding things like warranties and financing. Without being rude, stick to the price figures that you want to pay for the automobile. Tell them that if they find the price possible they can let you know.

  • Follow-up at the end of the month

Generally, at the end of the month auto salespeople are under pressure to complete their quota of cash for used vehicles. If you are tactical enough, you can use this to your benefit by purchasing a car at an affordable price. But, make sure to not to visit on the weekends, as you won’t be able to negotiate the price. At weekends, most of the buyers choose to visit.

  • Visit several dealerships

Visit various dealerships so that at the end of the day you can find the best deal for you. When negotiating the price of your vehicle, tell dealers that their competitors are offering much lower price. And persuade them that you want to buy the vehicle from them as you find them more reliable. This implies that you will buy the vehicle only if they are ready to sell you at a price you want to pay.

Find your local used car dealer in Sydney and get the most of it.

If you will follow our above tips, you should be able to get a good deal for you.


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