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5 Things to Check When Regularly Maintaining Your Automobile

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: January 21, 2019, Categories: Automotive Tips, Comments: no responses

When it comes to keeping their car in good condition, most people procrastinate. They will wait until their car has an obvious problem before having it looked at by a mechanic. But a car needs regular check-ups. It may cost money to get your vehicle looked at properly like clock-work. But not doing so will end up biting you in the bank account even worse later on. Prevention is better than the cure.

You Can’t Get Away with Neglecting Regular Maintenance

If there is one thing your car needs in order to regularly keep you going from A to B, it is maintenance. But you aren’t just ensuring that your car stays in good enough condition for the duration of your ownership of it. One day you will be selling it on to a new owner, and making sure that it is in the best possible condition at all times will increase its value when it comes time to sell.

What Needs Regular Checking?

Here is a run-down on the different areas on your ride that need to be looked at:

  • Transmission

There are many warning signs that should alert you to whether your transmission is having issues. One is where instead of being smooth, gear shifting can be unusually rough. Of course, there is also a warning light for the transmission as well. You should get it looked at straight away. Get that vehicle to the mechanic as soon as you can. Get it checked once a year at the least even if there are no warning signs. Transmissions are ridiculously expensive to repair or replace.

  • Radiator

Your mechanic should look at the radiator as well. The radiator plays a role in making sure that your engine doesn’t over heat. Your mechanic will look for any signs of erosion occurring near hoses and caps. Radiators have fluid in them as well, so they will check to make sure it isn’t leaking any.

  • Oil

Have a look at the level of oil in your engine regularly, as you are looking to see whether it is leaking. You will know if the level is going down at an unusual rate, it is time for the mechanic to intervene and make fixes so that this isn’t happy. The oil needs a monthly check anyway, and every time you travel a further 5000 Km’s it needs to be changed.

  • Tyres

Your tyres need to be in good condition for safety reasons. The tyres are always in contact with the road, making any problem with them potentially life threatening. The mechanic will check the tread, look for cracks and make sure that your tyres aren’t going to cause you to crash any time soon.

  • Brakes

The condition your brakes are in can be the difference between life and death. If you notice any weird vibrations or wacky noises when pumping the brakes, you really need to get them looked at by the mechanic.

These are just a few things that the mechanic will look at when you get your regular car check-up.

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