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What is the best time to sell my car?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: September 16, 2016, Categories: cash for cars, Comments: no responses

Selling a car is a decision that almost everyone has to face at some point. Some folks like to hang on to their old wheels as long as they reach their end while others decide to sell it the moment its repair costs goes beyond its actual worth. 

Other than this, there are still many variables which influence the decision to sell the car.

To help you to decide the right time to sell your vehicle, we have listed below the major factors which should be considered while selling an automobile.


Do you really need to sell your old car?

First of all you need to answer this question- Why I want to sell my old wheels? Is it because you want to replace it with a later model or due to family expansion or you are no more able to bear its repair charges. Whatever the reason might be, the prior consideration while selling it should be the resale value of your car.

To maintain the resale value of your vehicle several things need to be considered.

  • Car maintenance or upkeep

When it comes to selling an old vehicle, maintenance is a vital factor that influences its resale value. As depreciation is an awful thing that can kill your automobile’s resale value. Even if your machine is old and you don’t drive it often, you should still care of its wear and tear. As a well-maintained vehicle can fetch you top cash for it.

  • Past service records

   As already discussed above, showing previous service records to the buyers ensure them that the vehicle was taken care of. As a result, they will be ready to pay a good value for your wheels.

What is your vehicle’s brand or model?

As we know that reliable and best-selling brands have more goodwill in opinions of second hand auto buyers. For instance, top models like Ford, Toyota, Hyundai are more in demand than those with low brand-value. Used auto buyers are also ready to pay maximum value for them.

So if your old wheels are of a good brand, then you can easily sell it for great cash.

Determine if it is a seller’s market or purchaser’s market?

As for now we all know that it is purchaser’s market not sellers, buyers have many options available for them and this makes it easy for them to bargain while purchasing vehicles.  

So, if you are planning to sell your vehicle than set an asking price which can be negotiated.

Determine your vehicle’s worth?

If you want to sell your old wheels, first you will need to do some math and calculate how much is your vehicle’s worthier. If you are lucky enough to get maximum cash for your vehicle, then it will be judicious to sell it. This way you can also pay off the loan (if any) on your vehicle.

To determine your vehicle’s worth, you can research the prices offered by various auto selling companies on their respective websites. Along with, you can also check consumer reviews on Google.

Do you want to sell it by yourself or through the dealership?

Lastly, you have to decide whether to sell your automobile individually or with the help of a dealership. If you decide to sell it privately then there are chances that you may get less value for your wheels. But it is advisable to sell through dealers as they can help you get good offers for your automobile.

On the other hand, market situations, brand-value, make and model of your automobile will also play a vital role in selling it for good value.

Considering the above mentioned points will help you to decide the right time to sell your car in return for best value.


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