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Helpful tips for selling your used car

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: April 5, 2016, Categories: sell a car, Comments: no responses

When it’s come time to sell your car, you want to not only make sure that the car is sold, but you make the most amount of money you possibly can from selling it.

What follows are some helpful tips for doing just that.

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Clean the car

Clean it both outside and inside. Go through it with a vacuum cleaner, dispose of any and all rubbish that may be hiding in any nooks and crannies. If you have been smoking in the car, air the machine out. Wipe down the dash board and upholstery, especially if you have been eating in the automobile.

Keep in mind to look out for any small items of personally belongings, such as jewellery or money. You don’t want to give the buyer any early Christmas presents that they don’t deserve.

Wash the exterior and give it a buff and wax. If you find any scratches or dings, definitely get them fixed, as it won’t cost a bundle, but it may cost you if you don’t. Especially, if you are wanting to get the smart cash for Toyota.

Buyers are easily swayed by pretty outward appearances, as they are shallow. But they are also smart, and once they see that the car looks like it’s in good nick, they are going to look under the bonnet. This is why you should:

Have the Engine serviced one more time

Just in case anything outstanding needs seeing to, or if you know there is a funny noise being made whenever you drive, and any prospective buyers who test drive your vehicle are going to hear that noise as well. Sort it out, and ensure that any unresolved problems don’t interact negatively with the value of the vehicle.

Get any minor repairs done

If the windscreen wipers are slightly faulty, the mirrors aren’t working properly, or one of the headlights is blown, it really goes without saying that you should get these things fixed. At least, it should go without saying, but some people don’t do these things. And they always regret it when they read blog posts like these telling them how foolish they were and how they didn’t do things properly and how they are now regretting it.

If you find your vehicle beyond repair then get in touch with the Melbourne Auto Removals to get rid it of for free.

Do your research when pricing your car

In order to find out roughly how much your wheels should be selling for, all things considered, you will not be going astray by going online and looking at trade websites and other similar sites to see how automobiles of the same year, model and make fair in the used car market. Also, take a moment to appreciate the fact that this activity is made so much easier thanks to modern internet technology.


Get all the car’s paperwork ready

Your automobile will have a service history, and now is the time to get it out and have it on hand, for when an interested buyer wants to see how the vehicle they are looking at has behaved health-wise over the course of its history. It will give them an idea of what problems they may expect in the future.

The paperwork you will want to have ready will also include rudimentary items such as the registration, insurance card and pink slip.

Hopefully these tips will help, and you can go forth and sell your car for the most amount of money that it is worth, or more if you are a salesman extraordinaire.


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