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How can scrap car removal save the environment?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: December 18, 2018, Categories: car removal, Comments: no responses


When you have a car that has been lying unused and rusted on your property for many years. It’s time to scrap it with professional car removal providers. Vehicles are probably one of the most common things that are being recycled on a regular basis. Generally, around 1 million old and undesirable vehicles are being recycled every year.

As recycling cars are a great way to save the environment and preserve resources for various reasons. More than this, scrapping your old clunker can get you a considerable amount of extra cash.

In this post we have discussed the benefits of scrap car removal for the good of the environment. The Positive Effects of Scrap Car Removal on the Environment.

The recycling process is controlled by strict regulations

Nearly all reputable car recycling companies follow strict standards for environmentally friendly and ethical disposal of old vehicles. So, when you have an automobile that is not in a good condition and you want that eyesore off your property quickly. It’s best to scrap it with experienced auto removal or recycling firm. This way you will not only get rid of your old clunker, but also directly contribute to the benefit of the environment.

These people are highly knowledgeable and make sure to utilize the salvageable materials of old automobiles in the best possible way. Thus, you don’t need to worry about how your vehicle will be treated when dealing with a professional auto removal outfit.

Recycling Scrap Metal

Although your old, broken or worn-out vehicle may seem completely worthless to you. But it will be still valuable to a salvage yard. Their knowledgeable experts will scrap a number of useful components from it and utilize them for better use and make good money. When it comes to manufacturing new metals the process can be very hazardous for the environment. As it involves some of the scarcest resources like oil and carbon.

If you will recycle and reuse the scrap metals like aluminium and steel from your old vehicle, least amount of resources will be required for the manufacturing of new metals. The useful metals can be found in transmission fluid cooler, engine heads, radiator, etc.

Nearly 12 million vehicles are scrapped every year and 14 million tons of used steel is salvaged and recycled from them. This helps in saving nearly 85 million barrels of oil per year, which is a huge positive impact on the environment.

Legal disposal of toxic substances

When it comes to recycling unwanted automobiles, people usually think about scrap metals and tyres. However, there are various other components and materials too. We can re use and utilize them for a number of purposes.

An average damaged or scrap vehicle consists of 5 and 10 gallons of useful substances in the form of fluid. These toxic chemicals and fluids must be handled safely. These include brake fluid, antifreeze, battery acid, power steering fluid, etc. they contain extremely hazardous substances such as sodium azide and mercury. That’s why, it is advisable to use a professional and experienced provider of junk auto removal and recycling.

If the harmful substances are discarded in an incorrect way it could contaminate the environmental surroundings and cause serious harm to them like killing wildlife and destroying plants. Not only this, they could also be also hazardous to the human beings and cause eye, skin and respiratory problems.

Vehicle Parts Recycling

Every scrap vehicle owner anticipates there old clunkers to get shredded by a machine and thrown in a heap of metal. However, recycling automobiles are not just restricted to crushing it for chunks of metal. The auto removal experts make sure to remove each and every part from an unwanted auto and put it to good use. This also includes the small materials such as floor carpets.

After removing the valuable components like the tyres, wheels, axles, radiator, transmission, catalytic converter and battery. The useful fluids are drained from the automobile. The essential components from the inner system are removed. Then used for other automobiles as second hand car parts.

Even if your machine is so old and rundown that it doesn’t work anymore. It could be full of parts that are still perfectly good. Once every possible component has been removed. The remaining framework of the automobile is shredded into metal chunks.

Avoid Landfills

These days’ people already contribute huge amounts of waste to the environment due to their wasteful lifestyles. No matter how hard we try, we still end up dumping a lot of our waste materials in landfill facility. And, when the waste discarded in the landfill sites decay. Eventually it releases toxic greenhouse gases such as methane into the atmosphere and various other harmful materials into the soil and water bodies.

It would be unethical and pollute the environment and its surrounding life. This is why, removal of old and unwanted automobiles is a safe and secure way of avoiding damage to the environment. The smartest way to avoid wasting your vehicle in a landfill is to scrap it for parts and safely recycle it without polluting the environment.

Re-use old tyres

Vehicle owners often throw away their old or damaged tyres on the sides of the road which are then collected and burned. This is because people don’t better ways to get rid of their unwanted wheels. This release toxic chemicals and hazardous gases like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and cyanide into the atmosphere and harm the environment. But scrap auto removal companies know how to make good use of old tyres and extract value from them.

Re-use your battery rather than throwing it away

When an automobile is scrapped, they shouldn’t be simply thrown away. This is because they can be used in other working vehicles after being recycled. It could release various harmful substances like lead pollution. As a result, it should be safely disposed by professional and certified recycling centres. There are various incentives through which you can put old vehicle batteries to good use.

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