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Common Collision Damage and How Auto Technicians fix it

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: November 13, 2018, Categories: How to, Comments: no responses

The amount of automobiles clogging up our roads is on the rise day by day. The occurrence of road accidents is a near certainty. And when they happen, the cars involved will have some degree of damage to contend with. The major winner in this scenario is the humble automotive technician, who is usually the one tasked with fixing the damage. They get to do their job, and they get to apply their skills.

And seeing as vehicular collisions are going to continue occurring for the foreseeable future, these folk will always have a job. But what are the different types of collision damage that they have to deal with? Let’s find out!


Damage to the Front of the Car

This is, understandably, the most common type of automobile collision. It usually effects the front bumper, which can be a challenge for the auto technician working on it. The likelihood of severe damage occurring as a result of front collision is 28%. It is often called a “fender bender,” as the fender is the part that takes a lot of the energy upon impact.


Damage to the Rear

When one car hit another from behind, one car gets the above damage, and the other gets damaged to the rear. The car that takes in the most impact damage will be the car that has damage to the rear. The part of the car that takes the most energy will be the bumper.

How this Affects the Work of Collision Repair Technicians

Furthermore, technicians will get training for all the different kinds of damage that they will have to repair. And the ones that occur the most and result in the most damage will get extra attention. This is to ensure that the amount of knowledge the technician is varied and extensive. They need to be able to look at the car and use their analysis expertise to ascertain exactly how much damage has occurred. The knowledge on how to properly repair a fender. No matter how busted up it is happens to be of the upmost importance.

How is a Bumper of Fender Repaired?

When it comes to damage that is visible, we are talking about scratches, minor and deep cracks, and of course, dents. Minor cracks are easily taken care of by filling them in. Epoxy paint is the stuff used when it comes to dealing with the deeper variety of cracks.

When the technician needs to be getting rid of a dent of some description, they will make use of a vacuum. Of course, every now and then the technician will come across a fender or bumper that is beyond repair. In this case, they are more likely to simply replace the entire thing.

Always practice safety on the road. Everyone needs to be kept safe. However, in the case of minor accidents, at least one positive thing about them is that they keep your local auto technician in the job of their choice!

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