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What Factors have the Most Impact on Trends within the Automotive Industry?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: December 7, 2018, Categories: Automotive Tips, Comments: no responses


As technologies within the automotive industry advance onward, they give rise to more and more types of vehicle. Each time a new demand rears its head, technology rises to the occasion. It is always important for companies to evolve their business plans in order to stay relevant when these new technologies change things up once again. And in general, they almost always do, and have proven to be very adaptive in the face of large scale upheavals.

The Different Entities Involved in the Automotive Industry

Automotive manufacturers are selling more and more cars all the time. And the needs of the general car buying populace are always in flux. Will manufacturers be able to be flexible enough to keep up with the constant twists and turns that take place within the populace? This all boils down to taking into account such concerns as safety, environment, and fuel emissions. A few factors that come into play here apart from the companies and their customers are:

The Government

Furthermore, you can’t talk about factors having a huge impact on the automotive industry without mentioning the government. Through legislations that have the environment as its main concerns, they have the ability to force manufacturers to do things a certain way. If a car breaks any rules that have been laid out, it can get into a fair bit of trouble.

New Competitors Entering the Market

This can be seen happening right now with the introduction of Tesla and its electric cars into the market place. This will have a huge impact on the market. As it takes advantage of existing technologies while fuelling the research and implementations of newer ones. And older companies are motivated by greed to mimic the newer competitors. So that they can come across as hip and fresh.

Social Media

The internet has touched every single last aspect of life. And a huge reason for this is the advent of social media. People don’t only use these platforms as a means for keeping in touch and socialising online. Companies have hijacked them in order to make money. And why wouldn’t they. It has gotten to the point that if you are a company and you aren’t using social media, you are actively losing money. This has had a huge effect on marketing practices, and the automotive industry has been on board with it from the very beginning.

Solutions in Automotive Software

Computer software in automobiles has provided a revolution in automotive technology. It has increased the safety and ease at which a person can drive their vehicle. This includes such advances as tyre pressure monitoring systems, electronic stability control, automated emergency braking, intelligent forward collision warning, and so forth. Eventually, we won’t have to do any driving at all. With self-driving cars becoming more of a sure thing all the time.

It is important to have a plan when it comes to strategizing in the automotive industry. But every plan needs to take into account all of the above factors!


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