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The Best New Cars of 2018

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: November 23, 2018, Categories: Car Brands Reviews 2018, Comments: no responses

The time of year has arrived where we can reflect on the year that has past. And take stock of how this year’s best cars as has been decided by the RACV stack up to last year’s batch. Of course, there are different categories to look at, keeping the playing field level for each different vehicle type. So without any further ado, let us take a gander and the lucky winners of this year’s best cars list!

Micro Car Category Winner

Micro Car Category Winner: Kia Picanto S

You won’t find a more brilliant example of a micro car. It has loads of power, with a 1.25-litre four cylinder petrol engine. The five speed manual gear box makes shifting gears incredibly easy. Perhaps the best thing is the fact that it won’t set you back too much with a price tag of $14,190. Everything that you would want out of a light car can be found in this little whipper-snapper.

Small Car Category Winner

Small Car Category Winner: Mazda3 Maxx Sport

Small cars play a great role in the vehicular landscape. They offer superior comfort, and will provide amazing value for the small amount of money that they set you back. And the car that checks all the right boxes in this category is the Mazda 3! It looks beautiful, and is built out of nothing but the finest materials. The controls are incredibly intuitive, and the price of $27000 makes it a steal.

Medium Car under $50,000 Winner

Medium Car under $50,000 Winner: Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid

What are you looking for in a medium car? Lots of power? This car has plenty in its 2.5L four cylinder engine. Do you want an amazing multimedia system? This car boasts Optitron instruments as well a 4.2-inch multi information display. Have you grown tired of having to use a key in order to start your car? This car has keyless ignition. And how about comfort? This car has all the comfort in the world with a power lumbar adjustment situated on the driver’s seat.

Large Car and Family Wagon under $70,000 Category Winner

Large Car and Family Wagon under $70,000 Category Winner:  Kia Stinger 200S

Have you always wished you could buy a family car that had the same practical features of an SUV without being an SUV? Check out the Kia Stinger 200S! The size of this car is large, but it handles a bit more like a sports sedan. It boasts the inclusion of all the safety gear you would want out of a family car, and its smaller engine still packs a mighty punch. It even comes with a seven year warranty, with unlimited kilometres.

Sports Car under 50,000 Category Winner

Sports Car under 50,000 Category Winner: Hyundai i30 N

Finally, anyone looking for the perfect sports-car this year have been treated with the i30N from Hyundai. It has tyres that are 19 inches long, and it handles beautifully thanks to the electric power-steering unit. The turbo charged engine boasts an output of 202kW, and a maximum torque of 1450rpm. If you have to buy a brand new sports car, this is your best bet.


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