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Sell Your Nissan Navara

If you currently own an old or unwanted Nissan Navara and whenever you see it you have nothing but negative feelings towards it, then you might have reached breaking point. There can be many reasons for this, maybe it has just got too old, or maybe you just saw a much better 4WD at your local used auto dealership or online. Whatever the reason is, you may be probably planning on to sell it.

But there is no need to sell it via the normal avenues. Because you can easily get rid of it while avoiding the stress and hassle you get through the private sellers. It will obviously take a lot of time and effort and you aren’t even promised to get paid the most that your automobile is worth.


So, it is best to sell it to us here at Used Car Guys Brisbane and you will be making the best possible money out of your old Nissan Navara. Depending on the condition your vehicle is in, we will pay you the most amount that your old or used Nissan Navara is worth.

Top cash for your old, used or unwanted Nissan Navara 4×2 Ute – 4×4

We are Brisbane’s leading and so most dependable auto removal company. Because of this it becomes our responsibility to keep our clients happy and satisfied. Or appraisers make sure that you get a fairly handsome cash for your automobile. And, this is no less true even if is an old or broken Nissan Navara. The amount of money that we shell out can climb all the way up to $9,999 dollars.

Free cash quotes instantly

Often some people only need a valuation of their Nissan Navara. If you too want to know how much your old Nissan Navara is worth. You can find that out very quickly and easily. You will need to call us immediately and get an obligation free cash offer. The number is – 1800 887 779 or you get a free vehicle valuation online, by filling out the free quote form on our website. Once you have done it, our experts will get back to you with a free cash quote in no time at all. Find more on how to get used truck valuation in Brisbane.

Free Truck Removal Service, anywhere in Brisbane, QLD

Truck removal with Used Car Guys is the most efficient, less time-consuming and easiest way to get rid of used, old or unwanted vehicles. So if you are selling your Nissan Navara for any reason or just because it is no longer operating due to disrepair. Used Car Guys are there to rescue you from this problem.  As we perfectly understandable and you will be happy to know that by selling to us. You won’t have to fork out any additional cash to have the vehicle removed. Our responsive and skilled team will take all the responsibility on their own.

Want to buy a Nissan Navara in any condition

Has yours Nissan Navara been the victim of misfortune? Or, maybe time and age related issues have simply rendered it damaged. Whatever is the source for the extensive disrepair in your vehicle, like flood, fire or crash. We will take it off you anyway. The reason being simple that there is no condition that disqualifies any sort of automobile from having valuable parts and materials that can be salvaged. So don’t delay anymore. Give us a buzz today. Sell your used truck in Brisbane and get the smart cash in return.

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