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5 signs it’s time to buy a new car

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: November 15, 2017, Categories: buy a car, Comments: no responses

It isn’t unusual for a person with an old car to continue driving it for many years. Folk who have vehicles with well over 450,000 km on the odometer are very common. Some say that they may be onto something, as it has been suggested that it is a sign of a robust financial situation. This is likely to do with not having to make payments on the vehicle anymore.

This doesn’t change the fact. Eventually all cars accumulate so much wear and tear that multiple part failure is ultimately inevitable. If a crash or some other mishap doesn’t get your vehicle, old age will. Whatever it is that puts the final nail in the coffin. At some point all owners of old automobiles will need to find a way to get rid of their vehicle before getting a replacement.

Here are the 5 signs that your car is no longer worth keeping, and you need to dispose of it.

  1. Regular Repairs Costing More than the Price of a Car

The best reason to get another car and dump the current one is when the repairs your auto regularly needs are so expensive that you could buy another one instead with the same money. So don’t keep that old machine, call your local cash for cars company to come and take it off your hands. This is the fastest way to sell your car in Brisbane.

  1. The Frequency of Breakdowns Increases

Needing to get repairs on an old vehicle on the odd occasion is nothing to be surprised about. The vehicle in question is old. This means that it has taken on a lot of mechanical wear and tear. But there will be a point where it will all start catching up. If there is a rule of thumb to go by, it is that more than three serious visits to the mechanic per year is too much. By serious, we mean that a major component such as the radiator needs fixing or replacing.

  1. The Interior is a mere shadow of its former self

If the inside of the vehicle is falling to pieces, you have on your hands a prime contender for admission to a salvage yard. Are there holes in the floor? Is the fabric all torn and ripped? Is the sunroof leaking water? Knobs falling off? These are all serious questions that you need to ask yourself if you have an old machine.

  1. Your Vehicle Fails Emission Tests

With climate change being a hot button issue, the auto-industry is taking action. New cars have technologies built in that are specially designed to curb the amount of harmful emissions that they release. Older vehicles don’t have such tech, and as a result they fail emission tests. Instead of spending large amounts of money to make your car pass these tests, it is more pragmatic to simply purchase a new one and dispose of the old.

  1. You are an Embarrassment to your Loved Ones

There is a common term that is used to describe an old car that is well past its used-by date. That term is “rust bucket.” It is not an uncommon sight to see someone driving a vehicle that looks like it saw both world wars, and has the rust to show it. The owner might not care. But it is highly likely that their family does. If your loved ones tell you that they are ashamed to be seen in your vehicle, it is time to kick it to the proverbial curb.


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