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Buying a hail damaged car in Brisbane

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: July 7, 2016, Categories: buy a car, Comments: no responses

Storms that bring with them hail are a giant nuisance, as the hail acts as falling debris screaming down small scale destruction from above. No-one’s lives are at risk, but things can be damaged. Like windows, umbrellas, roofs, and worst of all, cars. It goes without saying that if you own an auto yard, hail storms are a nightmare.

If a hail storm manages to damage any stock at an auto dealership, that stock is replaced with new un-damaged vehicles. This raises an important question: what happens to these automobiles?


This is where insurance companies come in. They take these once great vehicles and give them a thorough inspection, which will determine the level of damage and in the process know how much to pay the dealership. The insurance company in turn has a hail damaged car for sale.

Even more questions raise their pretty heads as a result of this whole process. Are these machines safe to drive? Is the only damage on the exterior? If you buy a storm damaged vehicle, what sort of problems will you be dealing with in the future that you wouldn’t have if they weren’t storm damage? Here is some handy info for anyone considering buying a vehicle with repaired hail damage.

The Difference between Statutory and Repairable Write Off

All damaged vehicles that are for sale at reduced prices are either statutory write-offs or repairable write-offs.

The term statutory is a reference to the amount of damage that the machine has sustained, and the fact that this damage has rendered it un-registerable. You can’t use it as God intended, but it still is choca-block full of auto parts that can be given second lives in other cars whose parts need replacing.

Repairable write-offs are, as the very name suggests, repairable, and because of this they can be re-registered. First, though, they need to pass inspections. This includes the Written-Off Vehicle Inspection, required to ensure that a car won’t be a safety hazard when being driven.

The repair process

Brand new wheels with superficial damage, like scratches, etc., Are not safety hazards. Everyone knows this. They are, however, cheaper. And as would be predicted, people like great deals where the car is pretty much new but just has cosmetic deficiencies. But there are hidden costs, which can reach the thousands of dollar level. So shopping around the different panel beaters is what you should be doing in this circumstance.


Getting a damaged auto insured

Health Insurance companies, hedge their bets by charging more if someone has a pre-existing condition, like high blood pressure or cancer. The same goes for cars. In this case the condition is damage. If it’s the type that has been caused by someone else, you get compulsory third party insurance. In this case you needn’t worry. But serious damage can mean much higher premiums. You can even be denied a pay out if you have an accident after failing to inform the company of a repair.

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