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The Best Way to Get Rid of an Old Car in 2018

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: August 2, 2018, Categories: general, Comments: no responses


So, you have owned your automobile for a few good years. But you can’t own it forever. All cars die at some point. And you don’t want to be the one who owns it when your car enters the junk stage. But you don’t want to sell it before it needs to be sold either. It is important that you get as much goodness out of it as possible.

All of this leads to the ultimate question: When can you tell is the best time to sell a car that you have had for a long time? There are a few variables to consider: the condition the vehicle is in, its age and how good your own personal financial position is. Avoiding paying out huge amounts for expensive repairs is a pretty good reason for wanting to get rid of a car. Another one is that your car has suffered some severe damage and you can’t drive it as a result.

One thing you may want is to get some very fast money. This is hard to do when selling a car on the private market. The worse the condition your vehicle is in, the harder it is to sell. But there is a way to sell it that makes the speed and ease of selling it the same regardless of condition. So, let us look at the different options that you have at your fingertips shall we?

Private Market or Trade In

One option you can choose if you want the sale to be over fast is to trade it in at your local used car dealership. You will be getting less money than if you were to go the private route, but that is okay because you sacrifice profits for speed.

If you do choose to trade your car in, there are a few things you will need to do first. One of them is to do some research. Go online and find out how much your car is worth. This will help you in the negotiation part. The online car valuation tools will only give you a ballpark amount. It won’t be one-hundred percent accurate by any stretch of the imagination.

Then you can get in touch with the different used car dealerships around the area that you live. If you can get few quotes, it is only then that you should make a decision. Have all the paperwork prepared before you meet the dealer you want to sell to. This includes the warranty, ownership papers, you know the drill.

Prepare the Car For Sale

Whether you sell privately or trade in, you will need to get the vehicle in shape. Is it a bit dirty? Whether you think it is or isn’t, give the car a clean. You want to treat this like a job interview. The car has to be as nice looking as you can possibly make it.

This will include cleaning and waxing it thoroughly. Don’t forget that the interior needs to be as beautifully cleaned as possible as well. Air it out and apply air fresheners.


When selling a car privately, the core element that allows you to do this is the advertising process. This is usually done online nowadays. Once you have cleaned your car, you can take photos of it. Be sure to go online and find professional photos of cars, so you can emulate their style with your phone.

Then you will need to write up an ad for a website dedicated to buying and selling cars on the private market. There are a few of them. Ebay is a prominent one that has an Australian counterpart. Another is gumtree.

Use the earlier research you conducted to place a price on your vehicle. Be sure to raise the price by ten percent to make way for the negotiating process to lower it. Be sure to talk your car up as much as possible without lying. Honesty is very important, as well as flowery language that will make people interested in your vehicle.

Parting the Car Out

If you are experienced in the mechanical side of vehicle appreciation, and your car is a clunker, this is the one for you. It will make you more money than you would make selling to a Cash for Cars Company, which is the next best way to sell a junk car. Of course, if your car runs just fine, don’t do this under any circumstances. Parting your car out means disassembling is completely and selling all the parts individually. Any parts that can’t be sold can be sold to a scrap metal company.

This is best undertaken by someone who has experience doing this sort of thing. If you don’t, but you do have all the right tools, space and time, you can still do it. But you should do it with someone who has experience and expertise helping you. Otherwise you risk losing money instead of making it by damaging the components you are meant to be salvaging.

Sell to a Cash for Cars Company

If you are wanting to get rid of a junk car, this is the best way for most people. It involves no effort aside from the initial contact you have to make. First, you get in touch with the company like UsedCarGuys, tell them the make, model, age and condition your car is in. Then they will formulate a quote, and make an offer. If you are happy with it, they will come over to inspect the vehicle in person. A final quote is made, and cash is paid to you on the spot for your old car.

They will then remove your car from your property free of charge. They take the car back to their salvage yard and take it to pieces. The parts are all added to their used part inventory for sale. Any materials that they can’t sell used will be sold as scrap or disposed of in a safe way.


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