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Handy Hints for Fuel Saving

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: February 12, 2017, Categories: Automotive Tips, Comments: no responses

With the price of fuel rising all the time, it makes sense that anyone would want to find ways to save on oil.

So with that in mind, Usedcarguys car buyers in Brisbane, has decided to come up with some great ways to do just that:


Make Sure You Drive Economically

Make sure that you drive smoothly. You should also maintain as steady a speed as you possibly can. Don’t forget that sensible use of the gearbox is essential. In the case of driving an automatic, when your car has gained sufficient speed you might like to ease back on the accelerator gently and with care. If it is possible you would also be well advised to avoid the heavy traffic hour after work.

Another thing that you can do that helps is using cruise control. Don’t go overboard with the cars air conditioner and if you know that your vehicle has an economy mode you need to use that.

Keep the Vehicle Maintained Regularly

Saving on fuel sometimes requires you to do some things such as keeping the engine tuned and helps you to keep your used car in excellent condition. Don’t be stingy on your care towards the filters, as they need to be in good condition. Don’t forget to change the engine oil regularly. These are things that you are well advised to do will help keep the cost of running your car at a minimum.

Keep the Tyre Pressure at the Correct Level

Tyres that are not at the correct level of inflation have a bad impact on fuel consumption. You will also have a safer ride, and the tyres will remain in good condition for longer. If you are unsure of what the level is you can consult your vehicle’s hand book.

Has Your Vehicle’s Wheel Alignment Checked?

If you can keep your vehicle’s wheel alignment set correctly, then this will make sure that the brakes don’t drag at all, something that tends to increase fuel consumption.

Have Less Things in Your Vehicle

The heavier your automobile is, the more fuel your car will need to use in order to move. So you will need to remove the heavy things that you have in your car that don’t need to be there, such as boxes full of tools, amplifiers, and other people.

Buy a Fuel Efficient Car

When you are out looking for a car to buy, keep in mind fuel efficiency. If you buy a car that has a good fuel efficiency rating, then you will be the winner in the race to buying a vehicle that uses a relatively smaller amount of fuel than other cars. This will make you the envy of all your neighbours, but be careful as now they will want to steal your car.

Don’t Use Your Car as Much

Not using your car uses much less fuel than using your car does. This is why people that never drive spend no money on fuel each year. If you buy a bike and use that to get to work every second day, then you will see the money pile up in your bank.


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