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How to Sell Your Car in Brisbane, Qld?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: November 4, 2016, Categories: cash for cars, Comments: no responses

These days, people don’t hold on to their old vehicles for as long as they used to do previously. This is because there have been ever-changing developments in various features and technologies of automobiles in terms of safety, convenience and comfort. Of course, this makes people to upgrade their older vehicles for new ones that are more reliable, safer and comfortable to drive.

If you live in Brisbane and planning to sell your vehicle, then you might be wondering about the options through which you can accomplish the process.


Our post will let know your options when it comes to selling a vehicle in Brisbane. But before you start going through them make sure to take a look at our helpful tips that will make the process simpler and safe for you.

Tips to follow before selling your vehicle

  • Always sign the transfer of ownership documents after receiving the payment in full.
  • If you are selling, it via a licensed motor car trader (LMCT), make sure to get your payment before the car is sold.
  • If you are taking help of a Dealership to sell it on your behalf, but unfortunately they are neither paying you for it nor returning your vehicle. Contact Used Car Guys and check out how to get the satisfactory deal on a used car at a dealership.
  • Be wary of dealerships or businesses that try to sell the machine without paying you beforehand.

Now, take a look at options to sell your vehicle in Brisbane-

1) Trading it in to a dealership

Selling a car through this avenue can be much easier rather than selling it through private sales. As you won’t have to bear the expense of advertising and can get rid of it quickly.

Although trading it in can be a hassle-free, quick and convenient way but has its downsides too. The key one is that it is not as profitable as private sales.

So, if you choose this option make sure to ask the dealer to give you the assessment of the amount that you will be paid for leaving your wheels and driving out with new ones.

2) Selling it personally

As we have already mentioned above, this is a more profitable option than trading in the vehicle. Providing it will take your time, efforts and will require you to bear the expense of advertising.

You will also need to find its market value by exploring the asking prices of automobiles of similar make, model and condition as yours. For this you can go through online advertisements, used auto magazines and local newspaper classifieds. Make sure that you avoid the risks of private selling, find out how risky is selling your car privately.

After determining the value of your vehicle, you can choose a website list it for sale. To reach more potential buyers you can also advertise your automobile through print classifieds. In case if you are selling a registered vehicle, you must also provide a roadworthy certificate that is not older than 30 days.

3) Auction websites

You can also consider Auction houses to sell your car, provided they may charge you some commission.

4) Sell your car to the wreckers

If the vehicle you own is plain too old that you are unable to sell it through any of the above avenues, selling it to an auto wrecker can be a good idea. Some of them may even offer you free towing service. You can easily find Car Wreckers in Brisbane by browsing online for them.

5) Certificate of Road worthiness

Roadworthy certificate is generally issued by a licensed automobile tester which certifies that the automobile is safe to drive and is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. If the automobile that you are selling is registered, you will have to provide the certificate of roadworthiness to the buyer.

6) Transfer of title

Once you have negotiated the price, both buyer and you should sign the form of transfer of ownership. After this the buyer will need to send the form to Qldroads within 14 days of sale along with the certificate of road worthiness.

Furthermore, you can also notify the Qldroads in writing about the transfer of registration in case if you have any doubts. But make sure to attach a copy of transfer form along with it.


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