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3 second hand parts that are worth buying to save money

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: March 22, 2018, Categories: general, Comments: no responses

When your used or perfectly working vehicle is about to break down you will usually start noticing some signs. Though many mechanical breakdowns and problems develop undesirably without showing any signs. Normally, you would experience hopelessness in such cases. As vehicle repairing is usually an expensive and time-consuming activity. However, you can also go for economical and efficient options like second hand parts. It will help you to meet your car repair needs while saving some money.

The best place to buy cost effective used auto parts is your local junkyard in Brisbane. There you can find a large variety of used parts that have been refurbished and tested to offer the same performance as new ones. If you prefer online shopping, you can also check out some known used auto parts sellers like Craigslist and eBay. Here is a list of some second hand parts that can save you a lot of money.

Windows and Mirrors

Second hand used parts are the best option when it comes to replacing shattered sunroof and damaged windows. Whether you want to replace your broken window switch or power window motor buying used components will be your best bet. Often people tend to ignore the importance of the side mirrors on their cars until it breaks. However, it is very important to have a quality side mirrors to navigate the road. As the cost of replacement of a side mirror can be very costly. It can cost you up to a few hundred dollars or above a thousand dollars.

Even if you need signal equipped and heated mirror, purchasing a used one can save you considerably. Luckily, auto junkyards provides good quality second hand products for a large variety of models.


Tyres are an important component of your automobile. But still many people neglect to maintain their wheels. If you are planning to sell a used and older automobile, you will need to maintain its tyres. Of course, you will not want the buyer to notice the signs of past repairs like patches or plugs. So, in case your wheels are worn out its best to invest in new ones.

Though it would be a very expensive purchasing decision. Generally, a new car tyre can cost $100 and a truck wheel cost $200. Whereas the cost of new wheels is just a fraction of the new ones. Make sure to inspect your old wheels by having a look at its date stamp. Also have a look at the tyre tread wear. If it have uneven wear and tear around the edges, it indicates high risk of tyre failure.

Remember it is wise to invest in tyres that are less than five years old. It is because at this point tyres tends to become dry and deteriorates.


A properly working transmission is the main mechanism which keeps a vehicle running smoothly on roads. When you have difficulty in shifting the transmission or it slips every time you change gears. Then, you are stuck in a great problem. Buying a brand new transmission will cost you between $1,800 and $3,500. So, the best solution is to go for a second hand transmission.

Though many people have a common disbelief that junk yards only buy and wreck excessively worn out wheels. Actually it is not true. A salvage yard welcome even those vehicles that have been never involved in an accident. Thus, they are able to provide economical and good working used transmission.

Make sure to do some homework, before you contact any salvage yard dealer. As they keep updating their inventory every year. So, it is best to know the specifications of the part that you are exactly looking for.


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