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How Rebuilding an Engine Can Benefit You

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: March 19, 2018, Categories: Daily Blogs, Comments: no responses

Have you been driving an old car, only for its engine to finally fail? Or perhaps you have a slightly more modern vehicle, and didn’t expect its engine to give out due to the car’s good condition. But luck hasn’t been on your side, and the engine has overheated, suffering terrible damage.

When this happens, you may ask yourself whether it is better to sell your car, replace the engine, or just rebuild it. There are pros and cons to all the different choices that you could make in this situation. We explore this question in this blog post. Hopefully it will come as some help to you.

Having the Engine Replaced

If you want, you can have your mechanic order you a replacement engine. They are commonly referred to as “crate engines.” This is a factory engine, and you can get upgrades on it if this is something you would like to pay extra for. Before doing this, however, you will want to do the math of how much it will cost, versus how much rebuilding your old one.

This may not be the optimal way to go about getting your car fixed, and this is for the reason that it may not be affordable. In fact, the engine is one of the most expensive components of your average car. If the cost of replacing the engine is more than the value of your car, it is often better to just sell the whole car to your local salvage yard. Or, you could choose the next option:

Having the Old Engine Rebuilt

This is where one has their old engine completely dismantled, and looking closely at all the different parts. One then needs to find out what parts have failed, and then replace those failed parts with parts that work.

This is a far more affordable way to do things rather than go the replacement route. And it also happens to be good for the environment. This is because you are putting old parts that are still usable to use. That is one way to stop things from being turned into waste.

However, one needs to be well versed in how engines work. If you personally do not know anything about engines, it would be much better for you to either get a mechanic to do it, or a friend. Even if you learned via a youtube video on how to do this, you will still be a beginner. Which means that you are highly likely to make mistakes and end up with an even bigger mess. And you would have thrown money away as well.

Selling to a Car Wrecking Company

This will most likely be your best bet. Just sell the whole thing to Brisbane auto wreckers and use the money to buy a new car. The car will be recycled, which is good for the environment. And you will be getting some money for the vehicle, at least. And if you are lucky, the car will be removed from your property for free!


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