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Is There Any Risk in Selling Cars Privately?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: March 1, 2017, Categories: sell a car, Comments: no responses

No-one can be blamed for wanting to sell their car privately. The common misconception is that this method of auto trade is the one that gets the most money. It would seem that way, seeing as you have more control in the process. You clean your car up, have any problems and faults fixed, place an ad with a sweet picture online and negotiate with prospective buyers, and come out the other end with plenty of money.

But the reality can be completely different. All kinds of things can go wrong, leaving you traumatised, destitute and worst of all: without a vehicle.


Here are some of the worst things that happen when selling a car privately. This will surely make anyone have second thoughts about going down this dark, dark path.

Scammers Can Fleece You for All You Have

This is a big one. A huge reason to reject the false idol of private auto-trading is the risk of being completely had and losing everything in the process. It all starts with an email in your inbox from someone who has read your online ad. They live abroad, and they claim that they can only pay you using a bank whose name you don’t recall seeing before. These kinds of scams can run from the aforementioned simple ones to the insanely complex webs of lies and deceit that often leave lives in ruin, and the victim never saw it coming.

Failure to Sell

Here is another nightmare scenario associated with used car selling that is sure to make your blood run cold. Not actually being able to sell your car at all. Imagine you are trying to sell your car, but no-one is buying. Not only that, but your registration suddenly expires and you are spending dollars to renew them, just so your vehicle can stay on the market.


Prospective Customers Whose Main Goal is to Waste Your Time

These aren’t urban myths. These people are real, and people often refer to them as “tyre kickers”. They will come over to your place after initial contact, and then proceed to kick the tyres. These people won’t buy your car, they will just walk around it kicking the tyres, before offering a few dollars to take the car off your hands. They aren’t just time wasters. They are a scourge upon the land and an endless source of despair and grief.

If you have a machine you want to sell, and you don’t want to suffer the same fate as those that have gone down the private selling route, you will be well advised to sell your car to a cash to the Used Car Guys Company. They will buy your automobile regardless of what condition it is in and they will pay the maximum that it is worth. This is the best way to sell your car for the top dollars in Brisbane.

Not only that, but they will remove it from your property for free. The most important thing of all, though, is that they are perfectly safe, easy and convenient.


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