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How to Sell a Car That’s Been Totalled?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: March 21, 2017, Categories: sell a car, Comments: no responses

When a car accident occurs in one’s life, the resulting mess of emotions and things to deal with can take their toll on a poor soul. On top of that you have the hassle of dealing with insurance companies trying to find a way to move forward. Here are the options you will have in this example of extreme misfortune:

Retain the Car, Leave it in its State of Disrepair

When the damage only affects the look of your vehicle, the option to just leave it looking like that is valid if it runs perfectly well.

Accept the Financial Remuneration

When a vehicle mishap that results in damage occurs, either the driver who caused it or your insurer is going to inform you of how much the vehicle is worth. Check out how to find the true value of your car. After the company has knowledge of the car’s worth and how money it will take to have the damage fixed, the company then goes on to make the decision to either label the vehicle “totalled” or not. If the automobile in question isn’t running, the company will pay out the sum of money that the car is worth.


Find a Junkyard to Sell to

There are junkyards who salvage cars for a living and sell the used parts and materials. You can sell your totalled vehicle to them, and you won’t have to pay a dime to have it removed. You would be well advised to find out the value of your vehicle just in case they try to rip you off. Sell your car for cash in Brisbane and get the best value of your unwanted vehicle.

Retain the Car and Have it Fixed

If the outcome is that your vehicle is still roadworthy, or you are quite happy to have it hauled to a mechanic, the option of keeping it may just turn out to be the best one. Filing a claim isn’t necessary, and if it is road worthy you can keep driving it even though it has a bit of damage, which you will be able to have fixed with your money. If your vehicle is very old and is worth hardly a cent due to the age of its model, this may be the best option.

Donate the Vehicle to Charity

This is the option for those more community minded folk out there. You won’t have to pay any towing fees with this one either. Just find out who the local services in your area or who deal with accepting donations and you will get a tax deduction for the donation as well.

Sell the Car for Salvage

Insurance Companies buy totalled vehicles so that they can sell the components that are salvageable. If you think you can, it is possible to part a vehicle out yourself and sell them all online. But you need the expertise and tools to do that properly. But if you don’t, you can still sell it yourself to a salvage yard. They will also remove your vehicle for free.

It’s certainly not nice to have to get rid of a vehicle way before you planned to due to accident. These options may just provide you with some alternatives.


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