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Why the Australian Summer Heat is Your Car’s Enemy

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: September 11, 2018, Categories: Automotive Tips, Comments: no responses

Australia is going to start getting warm in a few months, due to summer being on its way. Get ready for journeys to the beach, barbeques and lots of sunblock. But what about your poor car?

We know that excessive sun can wreak all kinds of havoc on our poor skin, but do we have to worry about our automobile? Let’s find out! The following are areas on our automobiles that can be hurt by the summer heat, and require some attention.

The Interior of the Vehicle

When not in use, keep a sun shade up over the inside of the windscreen. Park in the shade to reduce fading on your paint. This is also good for keeping fluids in the vehicle from evaporating.


Your vehicle’s engine needs oil. This is because there is a great deal of heat being produced in it. And all the moving parts are producing even more heat via friction. If there was nothing lubricating it, these parts would wear right down. You need to have that oil changed on a regular basis. Preferably every 10,000 Km’s.


As we all know, heat causes air to expand. Inside the car tyre, the pressure will increase as a result. For this reason it is a good idea to check your tyre’s pressure. You don’t want the added pressure to make your tyre blow. The best inflation level is 35 PSI. Have a look prior to departing on any road trip to the beach.

Radiator and Coolant

The summer heat will equal much more work for your radiator to do. At the slightest whiff of coolant, or the mere sight of steam, you would be wise to look for any damage occurring to your radiator. Your engine needs that radiator so that it can stay cool, and if it isn’t working properly your engine will be in trouble. It also will be a good idea to look for any cracks on tubes, which will result in coolant evaporating. Have the coolant replaced on a regular basis, and also have your hoses, belts and fans looked at as part of your regular maintenance.


The most likely component of your vehicle to be harmed by the summer heat is your car’s battery. There is water in your car’s battery, and it can evaporate. The result is the lead plates within it gets exposed to the battery acid. Eventually your battery will short out, but not straight away. This can take a whole season to occur. Clean your battery and use steel wool along with a water and bicarbonate mix to banish any corrosion that may have begun.


The transmission is not a cheap part to replace. In fact, it is the opposite. And it is vulnerable to the heat. Every 50,000 Km’s have it checked. This means getting the filter and fluid changed. The strain that your Transmission has on it can be reduced by not carrying too heavy of a load. You seriously don’t want this part of the car to fail, as it can mean the end depending on how old the vehicle is.

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