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How to Buy a Car at an Auction?

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: October 19, 2016, Categories: used car auctions, Comments: no responses

Buying a car at an auction can be cheaper than going to the used car dealers. If you play your cards properly. This is why so many people love to go to auctions.

It isn’t uncommon for people at auctions to get caught up in the moment and go over budget by massive amounts. This usually happens at real estate auctions, but it happens at car auctions as well, from time to time. This can be a huge problem when it does. However, as you can’t test drive cars at auctions before deciding to buy them.


Which means that this isn’t a risk free purchase. Making it all the more important that one goes into the process with eyes wide open, with one’s head full of the right knowledge and know how to make sure that you are not only safe. But with some luck you might even end up getting a sweet deal where you pay much less than you planned.

Here are some handy tips to make sure you win at auctions rather than shoot yourself in the foot with rash decision making.

Do research beforehand

Go online and fill your brain with information that will be handy at used car auctions in Brisbane. The type of information I am talking about includes information pertaining to the model of vehicle that you want to buy. Look at the markets and check out the prices of models that are similar to the type that you will be looking out for at the auction.

This kind of preparation is indispensable in the environment you are going to be ensconced in. Things move at a fairly quick rate, requiring fast reflexes and quick thinking. Get a load of research beforehand and you will have the clear advantage.

At the Auction Assess the Car Yourself by Looking Carefully at it

You are allowed to inspect the vehicle to your heart’s desire. Accordingly, you should scrutinise any vehicle that you have decided to buy. Use your knowledge of things to look out for. Such as brake discs that are scored, cracks on the windshield, and a level resting position.

Have a look at the maintenance history of the vehicle you are looking at. You should be able to find this info online and it will also be at the auction site. If it isn’t, don’t place any bids, because maintenance histories and service reports are important documents detailing how well a vehicle has been looked after. The risk will be greater if there is no evidence that you aren’t buying a lemon.

Have a look at the VIN

The VIN appears on a few different areas of a vehicle. If you find that two different VIN’s don’t match. This raises the possibility that the vehicle you are looking at has seen serious issues that have required extensive re-building. It may have been in a crash. Maybe this doesn’t bother you, maybe it does. But it certainly is a good thing to know.

Overall, the main thing you don’t want is a vehicle that will turn out to need a massive amount of repairs once you get it home. And you don’t want to spend over budget. So the most important thing to do is keep your wits about you and keep the above practices of inspecting the vehicle closely in mind, and you will have a better chance at winning at the auction and save the top cash for cars in Brisbane.

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