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6 Common Driving Myths Debunked

By: Shafiq Ezati, On: September 19, 2018, Categories: Automotive Tips, Comments: no responses

When it comes to car driving there are many myths relating to it. And, most people believe in such myths usually make a big fuss about it. But most of the commonly circulated myths about driving are actually false.

Many of those myths simply spoil the driving experience of car owners by restricting their driving style. Therefore, you should really stop believing them in order to drive your car worry free.

Here we have highlighted some common driving myths that you need to stop believing right now:

Eating while driving

In most areas people are prohibited to drive automobiles while driving. But in reality, there are no such laws that restrain a driver from eating while moving a vehicle. You just need to be a little bit extra careful while eating and using a vehicle at the same time.

Also make sure to avoid eating anything that requires the use of both hands. Otherwise, it could adversely affect your drive.  

Strict limitations on driving with high beams

Although using a vehicle with high beam headlights is completely banned in many areas. But there are still strict laws and regulations on usage of high beam headlights. It is mostly for people who have an eyesight problem.

They are not advised to excessively use high beams as it causes extreme glare. You can use them when there is no proper lighting on roads and the way is not clearly visible. Beside this you can use them to give indicators to other vehicles on the road.

Remember, it is fine to use low and high beams having standard bulbs. But there is a strict restriction on the use of high-intensity discharge lights.

Ban on use of the phone while driving

This is another common driving myth that is not completely true. In some specific conditions it is fine to use mobile phones when using a vehicle. You can use it, if you need its navigation software. If you want to make an urgent call, make sure you use hand-free devices for your phone.

For example, it is safer to use Bluetooth headset when you are on an important conversation.

In other cases, the usage of cell phones is completely discouraged while driving. It makes perfect sense because it would distract the driver and have adverse effects. In most areas people are charged fines on excessive use of phone when driving.

Overtaking a turning vehicle on an intersection

For most people it is wrong to overtake a vehicle turning on an intersection. But there are no stringent rules regarding this. In many countries overtaking on an intersection is only allowed when it is a green signal. It is also allowed on turns that are less sharp. 

Otherwise, it is strictly banned to overtake a vehicle on turns having very sharp corners and with all traffic lights. If there are no traffic signs, there are no such restrictions.

Driving a vehicle on Auto Cruise

Previously, driving a vehicle on auto cruise (commonly known as cruise control) was banned. As it makes the driver less cautious while driving and led to severe accidents. Basically, when drivers feet remain still for a long time it can get semi-paralyzed. It could be very risky for the driver as well as passengers in the car.

However, nowadays this trend has changed because there is more traffic on roads and highways. Therefore, driving on cruise control is no longer prohibited. Whether you are moving on a busy highway or regular road you can use cruise control. It is probably because now manufacturers produce vehicles with an interactive cruise control.

So drivers can smoothly drive their vehicles on busy highways as well as regular roads.

Prohibition on playing loud music while driving

When it comes to driving a vehicle with loud music it is not entirely prohibited. However, there is a false myth regarding ban on playing loud music while driving. You just need to avoid it when moving near religious areas.

Other than this, you should avoid loud music when you are moving into residential areas at a late night time. As it can disturb and bother the sleep of people living in that area.

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