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All about Selling Car to Brisbane Car Buyers Online

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How to prepare your car for sale, write ad, negotiate price and close the sale without getting scammed? Anyone who is a car enthusiast knows how stressful it can be to buy or sell a car. If you are trying it for first time, it can be really daunting. But you don’t need to fret much. UsedCarGuys can make it a less complicated and effortless experience to sell old and used cars.

By following our simple hints and tips you can sell your vehicle in no time and at a good price of course:

Get started by preparing your car for sale

Before you think of creating an effective advertisement for your vehicle’s sale. It is important to take a look at its existing condition. And, this calls for preparing your old or used vehicle for sale.

  • In order to maximize the appeal of your vehicle from outside-in take it to a professional detailing. It will cost you a few hundred dollars but once you get a nice cleaned vehicle from top-to-bottom. You can lavishly show it to your prospective buyers.
  • If you wish, you can also clean it on your own. Make sure to invest sufficient time and properly clean all the areas that are hard to access. Don’t forget to clean the boot openings, engine bay and door openings. More Information.
  • If you do smoke inside your vehicle, be sure to clean the ashtray and remove lighter. It is obvious that you cannot impress a buyer if your car’s interior smells like tobacco. So, make to spray some deodorizer and leave it for a couple of weeks. This will make your vehicle smell fresh at the time of showing it to the customers.
  • Remove all your personal items that you may have forgotten in your automobile. Check around the boot or interior. If any loose items create noise at the time of test drive, it can leave a bad impression at your customers.
  • When it comes to washing and waxing your automobile from outside. Don’t forget about the windows, wheels and stainless or chrome trim. Once you finish polishing the exterior make sure remove any leftover polish.
  • Buyers are more attracted to vehicles that are well-kept. Take time to top up your radiator and windscreen washer reservoir.
  • Don’t have under-inflated tyres when showing your automobile to buyers. It can make your vehicle shake during test drive and this can disappoint your buyers.
  • Always schedule to sell your automobile after its recent service or maintenance date.
  • When scheduling a meeting with prospective customers you should have all necessary documents and record in hand. This way you can assure them that your vehicle is well-maintained.
  • Your buyers will also like to verify if you are the true owner of the vehicle. So, make sure to have valid registration vehicle documents in hand.
  • When selling an old or pre-owned vehicle, it is best to get the vehicle history report or VIN. You can get it from many popular online services.
  • If you owe finance on the automobile, be honest with your customers about it.

Take eye-catching pictures for your ad

After preparing and cleaning your vehicle, the next important thing is to photograph it for sale. Adding perfect pictures in your vehicle’s advert means quicker sale. You might be surprised how car buyers are attracted to ads with appealing photos. However, it is important to learn to take eye-catching pictures and increase your pool of buyers.

  • These days’ people don’t need to spend money on a professional camera to click pictures. They can easily use their smartphones which come with high-quality built-in cameras.
  • Before taking photos make sure to clean your camera lens. Otherwise, you will get a blurry photo due to lens flare. It is best to click pictures without using flash.
  • Early morning and late afternoon is the best time to shoot excellent and bright photos. In order to highlight every detail of your vehicle you can also take photos during overcast. At that time you can click the pictures without sharp shadows. Don’t take photos on a rainy day it will take away the shiny and fresh look of your automobile.
  • It is best to take Landscape or horizontally orientated pictures than a portrait or vertical orientated.
  • Try to shoot photos from every angle of vehicle like front, side, straight on and include every corner. This way your potential buyers can check it’s every detail. Be up-front with your buyers and also shoot pictures of any imperfection or damage on your automobile.
  • It is easy to click pictures from angles recommended by car experts. It usually includes a ¾ front view, side view, ¾ rear view, and interior pictures. 
  • Make sure to upload photos in a logical sequence and not in an upside down position.

Creating your advertisement

In order to catch buyer’s attention it is crucial to write an effective advertisement. This will be more helpful in selling your car faster.

  • If buyers are not able to understand your vehicle’s advert, they will be hardly interested in purchasing it. Make sure to write a clear, correct and concise advertisement.
  • Create an accurate description with minimum words. As buyers don’t like to read ads that are lengthy and time-consuming.
  • Don’t use jargon and abbreviations because buyers find them hard to read. While describing your car’s details make sure to be precise. Mention correct make, model, manufacturing year and variant. Be sure to include other details regarding crucial parts like transmission, engine, etc.
  • Highlight the specific information like odometer reading, age and special features (if any).
  • Remember to add a good description of your vehicle’s history.
  • If there are any damaged or imperfection in your automobile, be sure to mention it. Your customers will be highly disappointed if they happen to find those flaws during personal inspection. It is better to show them by adding pictures in the ad.
  • Avoid misspelling and typos by proofreading your ad. Check it for any writing mistakes by using spell-check.

Set the asking price for your car

If you set a very high price, buyers will find it unrealistic. As a result you will have to wait for weeks or even months to get a call from the customer. On the other hand, if you keep the asking price too low, you will get a quick sale. But this will leave your pockets filled with unfair cash. Make sure to consider the following tips to set a realistic sale price.

  • Do a good research to find out price of vehicles similar to your and in exact condition. This way you can determine a fair market value of automobile. This is the appropriate choice for getting the top cash for your car.
  • You can also take help of other reputable websites. They offer fair valuation report depending on vehicle’s basic information.
  • Also check the asking price offered by your competitors. If you set a price higher than theirs, it can be difficult to find a customer.
  • Always keep your asking price more than what you are actually willing to accept. It is because most customer bargain to bring down the price to their level of satisfaction.
  • If you’re selling a car in a bad condition, it will automatically make it less appealing. Therefore, make sure to set a suitable price according to existing condition of your ride.
  • If you can delay your automobile’s sale to get the best deal. Consider increasing it’s price to match your competitors ads.

How to avoid risk and scams when selling your car?

After listing your automobile’s advertisement the next important step is to deal with prospective purchasers. Make sure to be wary of fraudulent and dodgy buyers whether you are selling a car online or offline. Here are a few tips to help you eliminate the danger when dealing with buyers.

  • If you want to edit your ad, don’t use the link sent to you via email. When you receive an email to click on the website’s link, make sure to inform them.
  • Always use the URL of the website on which you have published your vehicle’s advertisement to make any changes.
  • If any unauthorised person logged into your ad and changed its details. You must immediately contact their customer care team.
  • Make sure to be cautious of buyers who prefer to only contact online rather than on the phone. As they could be trying to screw you with fraudulent transaction. When a dealing with a customer online always contact them using their phone number.
  • If a purchaser offer to pay a cash that seems too good to be true, be careful. Make sure to consider the deal again.

Protect yourself from fraudulent buyers

  • When you arrange a vehicle inspection for the potential buyer make sure to get their necessary details. It includes knowing their name and contact number. Also make sure to find out the address or driver license number, if your buyers are willing to share. It is better to take a picture of their license details.
  • After you get the phone number, just verify it by giving a ring.
  • Before organizing the meeting, make sure your insurance covers anyone who drive your automobile.
  • When the buyer take your car for a test drive make sure to accompany them.
  • It is smart to take the test driver’s automobile keys in order to preserve your safety.
  • Don’t allow the person to test drive your automobile alone, if you they seem fraudulent.
  • Before you finalize the deal, just get a second identification proof. It should be a government document like a passport, Medicare card, or a copy of an original utility bill like gas, water or electricity.  

Choose a secure method to get the payment  

Always choose a safe payment method to avoid getting ripped off. It is secure to receive a cash payment or bank cheque. If you opt for online payment options like Western Union or PayPal, it may not be a safe choice. Don’t use an escrow service either. If you find yourself suspicious about buyer’s authenticity, just cancel the deal. Remember you are free to meet as many buyers as you want to get a fair sale.


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